People Helping People

An illustration depicting a happy rhinoceros in a pink blanket.

Someone Cares: Rhino Love

Knitting or crocheting a blanket helps protect these animals targeted by poachers.

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An illustration depicting two kindergarteners enjoying butterfly shaped cookies.

Someone Cares: Sweet Story

These kindergarteners looked forward to hear her stories every week for a sweet treat.

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An illustration depicting a bouquet of zinnias.

Someone Cares: Still Blooming

The presence of lost loved one lived on in the flower bed of zinnias.

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Musician, author, activist, humanitarian and CEO Justin Dillon

Justin Dillon on His Efforts to End Human Trafficking

Musician, author, activist, humanitarian and CEO Justin Dillon discusses the issue of human trafficking and the efforts he has made to put a stop to it.

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Clothed in Compassion

Imagine how different our world might be if we got up each morning and wrapped ourselves in kindness before we left home. 

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Susan Burton

How Susan Burton Is Helping Women Rebuild After Prison

The founder of A New Way of Life Re-Entry Project details her own story of life behind bars and why she's helping women find their clean slate after prison in a new memoir.

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A portrait of Eric Motley on the wheat plains of Madison Park, Alabama.

4 Principles for Success and Leadership from Eric Motley

Listen as Eric Motley, executive vice-president of the Aspen Institute, shares how his life and career were guided by his four principles of leadership.

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An illustration of a woman with crutches visiting the reception desk as a friendly nurses greets her with a wave.

Someone Cares: Nurse's Orders

Hospital patients should not have to worry about what to wear when they travel home. These nurses came to the rescue.

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An illustration of a smartphone depicting an Accessibility menu with various options for image descriptions.

Someone Cares: What Do You See?

Here's a tip on making Twitter tweets more inclusive — thanks to a veteran who expressed concern.

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A pile of famous children's books.

Someone Cares: Book Crazy

After she passed, her book collection helped educate the youth.

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Katie and her volunteers have given away more than 6,000 Easter baskets.

How Making Easter Baskets Helped Her Let Go of a Painful Past

After leaving the children's home she grew up in, she swore she'd never go back, but a little girl's Easter joy changed her outlook.

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Katie Minter Jones who gives Easter baskets to foster children

Katie Minter Jones on Bringing Joy to Foster Kids with Easter Baskets

Katie Minter Jones, who as a child spent years in foster care, shares how she came to make an annual tradition of giving Easter baskets to kids who might not otherwise receive them.

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