People Helping People

Kazi with some of his patrons

This Immigrant Restaurateur Serves the Homeless Alongside White House Staff

Everyone is welcome at Kazi Mannan's Pakistani-Indian eatery in Washington, D.C.

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Mazi Kannan, owner of Washington, D.C.'s Sakina Halal Grill

A Successful Restaurateur Gives Back to Those in Need

In his Washington, D.C., restaurant, Kazi Mannan feeds 80-90 needy people a day, giving them the full dining-out experience seated side by side with paying customers.

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A checklist

Someone Cares: Done!

How a loving reminder from her husband encouraged her accomplishments.

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A Valentine's Day card with a cat on it next to an actual feline.

Someone Cares: Art from the Heart

A mother's appreciation for her daughter's childhood art on Valentine's Day.

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Maris Rose Belding

Everyday Greatness: She's Working to Feed the Hungry

Recent college grad Maria Rose Belding created an online platform that transfers surplus food to pantries and soup kitchens.

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1950s teens line up for the polio vaccine

His Son's Brave Battle to Recover from Polio Bolstered a Father's Faith

In this story from the October 1954 issue of Guideposts, a father writes a touching letter to his son.

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A jar full of pink notes of encouragement.

Someone Cares: Happy Jar

Her husband surprised her on Valentine's Day during her preganancy.

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Getty Images

How to Help: Supporting Puerto Rico After Recent Earthquakes

Here is a list of organizations assisting on the ground, after the most recent national disaster.

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Maria Rose Belding

The Inspiration Behind This Online Food Pantry Database

Maria Rose Belding talks about the connection between her faith and her passion for feeding people.

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These are some of the heroic stories coming out of the wildfire disaster.

Australian Wildfires: 4 Inspiring Stories of Hope and Resilience

From koala-sniffing dogs to the Irwin family coming to the rescue, there are multiple stories of heroism emerging from the bushfire disaster.

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Australia bushfire donations area

Australia Wildfires: How You Can Help

The bushfires have consumed more than 12 million acres—and experts say they are likely to get worse. 

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Children at a birthday party

High School Senior Throws Birthday Parties for Children in Homeless Shelters

Tanvi Barman, of San Francisco, California, has hosted 61 birthday parties and counting.

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