People Helping People

Jamie Willis runs Canes for Veterans Central Texas. Photo credit: Eric Guel

This Veteran Makes Canes for Other Patriots Using Discarded Wood

An accident early in Jamie Willis’s Army career left him in chronic pain and needing the support of a cane. In searching for a sturdy and cool cane, he found Oscar Morris, a Navy veteran who makes canes out of discarded wood. Morris encouraged Willis to make his own cane out of a Christmas tree. He liked the finished result so much he made another cane, and then another, giving them away and forming Canes for Veterans Central Texas in the process. Serving his veteran brothers and sisters gives Willis a sense of purpose.

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A baby in Green Bay Packers merchandise and a cheesehead hat.

Someone Cares: Double Birthday

She honored her late father by donating football gear to a baby born on his birthday.

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A basket of colorful yarn.

Someone Cares: Healing Handiwork

How she helps breast cancer survivors all over the country and gained a personal sense of purpose.

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An illustration of a photo collage in the shape of a heart.

Someone Cares: We Are Family

She found nostalgic memories in her family photo album that made her day brighter.

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Rev. Earl Johnson; photo by James Kegley

How to Help During a Crisis

Rev. Earl Johnson, the top Red Cross chaplain, shares how anyone can perform small, yet powerful, acts of kindness.

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Carol Glazer and son Jacob; photo courtesy Carol Glazer

Caring for Her Son with Disabilities Led to a New Career

The president of the National Organization on Disability helped her child overcome a lifetime of challenges.

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Rev. Earl Johnson

A Red Cross Chaplain's Advice for Comforting Others

Rev. Earl Johnson shares how we can each help to bring comfort and support to others during the challenging times of the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Sewing masks

How One Sewing Machine Inspired Many Blessings

“Sewing angels” across the country have created masks and more.

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Two female athletes holding a sports bra.

Someone Cares: Support the Girls

The special project helps women and girls in various parts of the world with this vital piece of athletic equipment.

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An artist's rendering of everyday items along with a perfume.

Someone Cares: Cheerful Giver

Her thoughtful treasures make those who receive her gift bundles cheerful.

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An artist's rendering of someone holding a phone and texting LY.

Someone Cares: Love You

She sends messages of love to family and friends when parting ways.

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Lynn Colwell in her studio; photo by Steve Colwell

Everyday Greatness: Painting to Change the World

See how this mixed-media artist, who as a child was told she had no talent, is using her newfound gift to pay it forward.

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