People Helping People

An illustration of two jars with blessings and worries; Illustration by Coco Masuda

Someone Cares: More Blessed Than Stressed

Their blessings jar became a reminder to stay focused on the positive.

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An illustration of two SPF sticks; Illustration by Coco Masuda

Someone Cares: Safe in the Sun

By offering sunscreen to fend off the heat, she helped a onlooker undergoing chemotherapy.

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An illustration of a queue at a pizza shop; Illustration by Coco Masuda

Someone Cares: After You

An easy way to brighten a new father’s day was letting him get ahead in line.

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Author and journalist Mitch Albom; photo by Glenn Triest

Mitch Albom: 5 Spiritual Lessons

The best-selling author shares lessons he’s learned about the person God wants him—and each of us— to be.

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Mitchell Hollis, founder of Run For God; photo by Michael A. Schwarz

He Stopped Running from His Past to Head Toward God

He thought he knew what he was running for—until he figured out what he was running from.

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Katheryn Berlandi, granddaughter to Norman Vincent Peale; photo by Todd Plitt

Norman Vincent Peale's Granddaughter on His Lessons for Positive Living

Millions have learned life lessons from the writings of the Guideposts cofounder. She learned them at his knee.

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Martin Doblmeier Prophetic Voices historical figures people of God

5 Famous Spiritual Leaders of the 20th Century

This documentarian examines the lives of five historic prophetic voices—from Reinhold Niebuhr to Howard Thurman—and shows what we can learn from them today.

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Janie Deegan stories of hope addiction homelessness pie crust cookies

How Baking Cookies Changed Her Life

After struggling with addiction and homelessness, Janie Deegan splurged on a hand mixer. Now her signature pie crust cookies are selling out in New York City.

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A Chicago Dance School Teaches Kids in Ukraine Via Zoom

A Chicago Dance School Teaches Kids in Ukraine Via Zoom

The Hromovytsia Ukrainian Dance Ensemble offers children in Kyiv a respite from the grim realities of war.

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Ralph "RJ Groove" Johnson (left) and Dwayne Jones; photo by Karen Pulfer Focht

With God's Guidance, He Helps Others in Large and Tiny Ways

In a historic African-American community in Memphis, contractor Dwayne Jones works to improve the lives of others

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Fresh spinach grown at Bonton Farm in Dallas; photo by Eric Guel

An Urban Farm Brings Hope and Healthy Food to an Underserved Community

At Bonton Farms in urban Dallas, they invest in the soul as well as the soil.

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Rhiannon Menn and daughter Cimorene; photo courtesy Rhiannon Menn

Everyday Greatness: Kindness from the Kitchen

Rhiannon Menn launched a movement to deliver lasagna—and love—to struggling neighbors

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Father Myron Myronyuk (left) with his brother and a parishioner; courtesy Father Myron Myronyuk

How Scranton is Helping the People of Ukraine

A local pastor has a twin brother fighting in Ukraine. He and others in northeastern Pennsylvania are gathering supplies, creating fundraisers—and praying.

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Illustration by Coco Masuda

Someone Cares: DIY Postcards

How these creative souvenir photo postcards became a hit with her family and friends.

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