Guideposts Executive Editor Rick Hamlin

Rick Hamlin: A Promise Kept

Rick Hamlin shares the story of a promise he kept to retired Guideposts' Editor-in-Chief, Van Varner

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Chef José Andrés is creating a food network to help federal workers in need

Chef José Andrés Helps Feed Federal Workers

The popular chef is again creating a food network to help those in need

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Susan Salomone and husband, Steve

Addiction Claimed Her Son's Life, But Not His Story

Susan Salomone uses what happened to her son to help end the stigma associated with addiction

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A talking banana saying phrases of encouragement and positivity.

Someone Cares: Go Bananas

This lunchlady wrote encouraging messages on bananas for students to enjoy.

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A purple basket full of slips with names of church congregation members.

Someone Cares: Secret Support

A new idea for Lent turned out to help this church congregation grow closer.

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A pink baggie with a 'H.U.G.' note and Hershey Kisses.

Someone Cares: You've Been Hugged

A campaign to remind service and retail workers on Valentine's Day that they are appreciated was just what the community needed.

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Cory Nickols

A Sexual Abuse Survivor Helps Fight Human Trafficking

Bankrupt and unemployed, Cory Nichols found a new calling

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Mary Oliver

Mary Oliver's Instructions for Living

The poet’s extraordinary work calls each of us to notice the natural world in all its stunning, perplexing detail.

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A woman peering up at a majestic, gold staircase leading to heaven.

A Staircase from Heaven Lifted Her Spirits

After her father passed away, her loss felt unbearable. Until she had a peculiar dream. . .

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A majestic humpback whale breaching in the blue waters of the ocean.

The Astonishing Wonder of Whales

Research has revealed that these majestic creatures are known to display humanlike emotions. Even compassion.

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Hank the Yorkie in the woods.

A Mysterious Dog Cures Her Loneliness

This Yorkie had emerged from the woods and rain. But who had sent him?

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Embracing difficult times

Embracing the Difficult Path

Finding meaning in the everyday struggles of life. 

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