An illustration of a baggie with an assortment of candy tied with a red bow.

Someone Cares: Sweetheart

She was inspired by a woman couponing with a sweet purpose.

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An illustration of a pair of colorful patterned dolls.

Someone Cares: Dolled Up

These special dolls help women and children who have escaped domestic violence—one loving stitch at a time.

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Wax Buffalo candle creator Alicia with her kids [from left]: Navy, Oxley and Satchel

Her Grandmother's Love of Candles Inspired Her to Launch a Business

She lost her job just when her baby needed surgery, but her grandmother gave her hope.

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Dr. Anthony T. DeBenedet blowing bubbles outdoors.

Why a Sense of Wonder Is Important

Discover an expert's view on the connection between wonder and spirituality

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A vintage glass Coke bottle with 'Debbie' on the label.

Could She Reconnect with a Long-Lost Friend?

Roberta Messner wondered if her friend would even want to hear from her

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Judy's childhood home in Placentia, Newfoundland

A Pair of Miraculous Christmas Rescues

A sinking ship. A girl who fell through the ice. Was there a divine connection?

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Finding love

An Earth Angel Finds Love

Years after surviving a serious head injury, Jennifer Field continues to help other survivors and finds a new source of support for herself.

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Alicia Reisinger, founder and owner of the candle company Wax Buffalo

Alicia Reisinger on How Her Grandmother Inspired Her to Aim High

Listen as the founder and owner of the candle company Wax Buffalo shares how her fierce, faithful grandmother inspired her to pursue her dreams.

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O Holy Night, based on the Advent Nativity Pattern by Paper Panache. Quilted by Ramona Sorenson, designed by Lisa Robison.

The Christmas Story Told in Quilts

Enjoy this read-aloud feature of The Christmas Story through beautiful, intricate quilts that illustrate the Holy nativity scenes.

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Jennifer Field Miller

A Champion Equestrian Gives Back

Following a miraculous recovery from a traumatic brain injury, Jennifer Field Miller now strives to help others in similar cirmcumstances.

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Sunshine streams through beech trees in bluebell woods of Oxfordshire.

The Big Question: Is Doubt Necessary for Spiritual Growth?

For hundreds of years, writers, theologians and philosophers have mulled over this question— and many believe that moments of doubt lead us to a greater understanding of our faith. Here are a few thoughts on how questioning can foster a deeper connection with God…

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Author and physician Dr. Anthony T. DeBenedet

Dr. Anthony T. DeBenedet on Reviving Your Sense of Wonder

Listen as author and physician Dr. Anthony T. DeBenedet shares tips for regaining and retaining your childlike sense of wonder.

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