The Reverend Sharon Risher

Healing After the Charleston Church Shooting

The Reverend Sharon Risher on Sharon Risher talks about how her faith was tested after losing her mother and close friends in the devastating massacre.

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A name tag that reads 'Hello My Name is Bill'

God Promised Her a Man Who Fit the Bill

Her heart knew the love of her life's name and she was determined to find him.

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A young girl praying outdoors during the sunset.

The Big Question: If God Knows All, Why Pray?

If God knows each and every one of us, sometimes better than we know ourselves, what is the purpose of prayer? As God says in Jeremiah 1:5, “Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you.”  He knows our every thought and desire. He knows what we want and what we need—even if we don’t yet know it ourselves.  So, if God knows all, why pray? Spiritually sage people, from pastors to philosophers, offer their own answers to this question. 

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A single honey bee flying to a white flower.

The Spiritual Importance of Honeybees

These creatures are not only a significant part of the natural world, but are connected to the divine, too. 

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Guideposts Holiday Gift Guide

Guideposts Holiday Gift Guide 2019

Get a jump-start on your holiday shopping and browse our Holiday Gift Guide featuring meaning-filled presents that will bring inspiration and comfort for everyone on your list.

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Getty Images

A Godwink Christmas Story: A Loving Piece of Christmas Pie

In this excerpt from Godwink Christmas Stories, a widower receives a sign from above in the form of cherry pie. 

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Joanne and Fred Rogers in 1992

How Mr. Rogers Spread God's Love Everywhere

As Tom Hanks portrays her husband in a new movie, his widow recalls her long life with the beloved TV star. 

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Knitting as love

Knitting as a Way of Giving Back

How a crafty church group comforts mariners at sea.

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Getty Images

Three Steps to Turn Grumbles into Gratitude

Best-selling Author Tricia Goyer shares what she learned when she challenged her family to stop complaining.

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Veterans Day anniversary

Veterans Day: A Time for Gratitude

My husband returned home from a yearlong deployment 15 years ago. On Veterans Day, I’m especially aware of how lucky we are.

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Credit: Rob & Julia Campbell/Stocksy

Mysterious Ways: Thoughtworthy Quotes

A collection of awe-inspiring words from authors, philosophers, mystics, theologians and other wise people of faith.

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An artist's rendering of an angel from above.

The Amazing Moment When I Saw an Angel

How witnessing an angel of light gave her comfort and reassurance.

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