David with wife Jenny and son Dax in 2013

How a Rescue Dog Gave This Veteran a New Purpose

Air Force Veteran David Sharpe struggled with depression and PTSD, until an adopted dog changed his life—and inspired him to help others

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An artist's rendering of a rose pendant.

How an Answered Prayer Found Her Family Heirloom

Her prayers were answered when she asked God to help her find her treasured pendant.

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Mom Buys 1,500 Pairs of Shoes to Donate to Her Community

Mom Buys 1,500 Pairs of Shoes to Donate to Her Community

The unlikely purchase is bringing the neighborhood together.

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A man in shadow walking in a tunnel towards the exit.

The Mysterious Messages That Helped Him Stay Sober

This recovering alcoholic describes three inexplicable events that saved his life.

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Rescuers form a human chain in dangerous water

They Formed a Human Chain and Saved Nine People from Drowning

An evening on the beach took a dramatic turn when a riptide put a family at risk.

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An artist's rendering of a soldier underwater trying to swim to the surface.

The Scenes from His Near-Death Experience

After an injury in battle, he heard and saw images from his life—including one of his future family.

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An artist's rendering of an illuminated, colorful version Jackie's mom.

A Final Visit from Mom

She hadn’t seen her mother in 30 years, but a vivid dream about her difficult parent finally brings healing.

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A close up of Teddy the toy poodle with Anna's family.

An Unexpected Message from God

After her poodle went missing, she realized that God had bigger plans for her small family.

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A portrait of Dr. Jacob Israel Liberman smiling.

The Mysterious Nature of Light

Optometrist Jacob Liberman on how studying light changed his entire life, including his relationship with God.

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A couple does a Google search on the word "bramble"

A Mysterious Dream Prompts a Life-Saving Doctor’s Visit

Her son’s nightmares and a Google search led to an important diagnosis.

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An artist's rendering of a man sitting on a bench as his dog drinks water.

Someone Cares: Sit and Rest

This couple helped passerbys relax during the dog days of summer.

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An artist's rendering of a Thank You card with Walt Disney World in the background.

Someone Cares: Thanks All Around

Her note cards showed her appreciation for everyone at Disney World.

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