The Miraculous Return of Her Mother's Locket

The Miraculous Return of Her Mother's Locket

She mourned the loss of the beloved piece of jewelry, until a heaven-sent coincidence brought it home.

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An old photo of Mark and his family.

The Near-Death Experience That Brought Him Clarity

He almost died in the fire that killed his mother and brother. But the divine encounter gave him the strength he needed to get sober years later.  

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A headshot of a man in a hospital gown.

The Words from a Mysterious Stranger Gave Them Hope

His wife was in extreme pain after a routine surgery, but the doctors had no answers. Then a mysterious, elderly patient offered advice.

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Len Ludwig between climbs

The Life-Saving Voice on the Mountain

A rock climber gets some heaven-sent help after losing his grip during a free-climb on Mount Thompson. 

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Dusty Gibson's mother's bible

A Lost Family Heirloom's Long Journey Home

Her mom's beloved Bible had been lost for years, until an old acquaintance miraculously stumbled upon it. 

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Illustration of a green house

The House That Helped Him Find Love

He always wondered why he felt drawn to an ordinary green house, until he found out who lived in it. 

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Baker and humanitarian Michael Platt

Everyday Greatness: A Teenage Baker Fights Hunger

Michael Platt of Maryland bakes sweet treats to help the less fortunate.

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Illustration of a pair of boots

3 Signs From Her Deceased Husband

After the sudden loss of her husband of 50 years, she wondered if things would ever be okay. Then she received some amazing signs from beyond. 

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Lauren, husband John and their kids

Lauren Casper's 5 Tips for Combatting Loneliness

Join a faith community, turn off that screen, and other ways that this writer, mom and chaplain’s wife learned to overcome loneliness.

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Illustration of four colorful cars

How a Traffic Detour Led to the Best Father's Day Ever

His traditional Father's Day celebration was cancelled, but thanks to divine timing, his day took a miraculous turn.

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An artist's rendering of a young boy on a bike.

The Life-Changing Moment When He First Heard God’s Voice

Guideposts Executive Editor Rick Hamlin recalls the mystical childhood experience and talks with others who had similar “peak experiences.”   

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Stephanie Thompson at the gym

Seeing Herself Through God's Eyes

Her alcoholic father had burdened her with a negative body image. She finally got fit when she let go of the past.

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