Hands together; Getty Images/iStock Photo

A Divine Nudge Healed This Mother-Daughter Relationship

How an inexplicable urge to return to her hometown mended her difficult relationship with her mother.

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Two girls talking a walk through a scenic forest; Getty Images

How Reconnecting with Nature Encourages Spiritual Growth

Exploring how turning to nature can bring us closer to God.

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Cheryl and her family; Photo credit: NIK LINDE

How God Divinely Provided for Her Adopted Children

Preparing to adopt four children, she was anxious about her family’s changing dynamic, until the miracles started rolling in.

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A man walking up stairs with yellow up arrows; Shutterstock

A Divine Dream of Her Departed Husband

Proof that their love endured, to heaven and back.

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The Big Picture

How to See—and Take Comfort in— ‘The Big Picture’

Realizing the grandeur of the known world can put things into a positive perspective for our daily lives.

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Beautiful nature sccene with a snow capped mountain overlooking a lake.

The Big Question: Can Science Prove the Existence of God?

Many people think that science and religion are incompatible. God and his many wonders dwell in the realm of mystery and endless possibility. Science, meanwhile, is all about numbers and facts, and finding definite answers. There are many things that science can prove, but can it prove the existence of God? It’s a question that writers, thinkers and scientists themselves have weighed in on…

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A cut out of a house with a heart inside; Getty Images

3 Incredible Stories of Heaven-Sent Homes

These accounts of divine assistance during home hunting quickly became answered prayers.

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How to give with joy and love.

The Gift of Joyous Giving

When it comes to helping others, let love be your guide.

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Woman looks up, gasping in amazement (Getty Images)

5 Stories That Prove There’s No Such Thing as Chance

These five stories of miraculous encounters and connections show us that every moment is by God’s design. 

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Woman walking through airport in sunlight (Getty Images)

A Surprise Encounter at the Airport Brings Her Comfort

A grieving mother almost misses her flight; then an old friend shows up. 

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Pay it forward, act of kindness, surprising end

A Divine Sign When Paying It Forward

Her friend gifted her a trip to the salon. Decades later she paid it forward — and got a heartwarming surprise.

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Young woman taking a picture with a vintage camera from car window (Getty Images)

7 Heaven-Sent Photos

These folks received comfort through divine signs and snapped a picture to prove it.

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Edwatd Grinnan with Gracie; photo by Katye Martens Brier

Are You Inspired by Black Friday?

It’s never seemed to be a very inspiring name for a day that is the unofficial beginning of the Christmas season.

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Roberta Messner and Woody Williams; photo by Scott Goldsmith

A World War II Hero Taught This Nurse How to Care for Veterans

Six life lessons learned from 98-year-old Woody Williams.

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