Inspirational Stories

The Healing Power of Forgiveness

Wrongly accused, convicted and imprisoned, Jameel McGee found a way to forgive the cop who arrested him. Then something miraculous happened.

CBS broadcaster Charles Osgood

Guideposts Classics: Charles Osgood on Finding Your Path

This weekend, Charles Osgood steps down as host of CBS Sunday Morning after 22 years. In this story from April 2000, he shares how his broadcasting career began.

A transit hub in New York City that's a little like heaven.

A Place Just Like Heaven

A busy transit hub in Manhattan that encourages divine feelings

Kathryn McCormick Sou You Think You Can Dance

This 'So You Think You Can Dance' Star Is Inspiring The Next Generation

Kathryn McCormick is teaching young dancers to believe in themselves. 

Disney's Moana

The First Trailer For Disney's 'Moana' Is Full of Adventure

The upcoming animated film features a Polynesian princess on a journey to save her ancestors. 

A random encounter on the subway or a message from God?

A Divine Encounter on the Subway

Have you ever received an unusual message from a complete stranger?

5 ways senior citizens bless us.

5 Ways Senior Citizens Bless Us

A long life imparts lessons of love, wisdom and faith for others.

A lost wallet and the kindness of others

Seeing Life Through a Lens of Joy

A wallet is left at a gas station. Then good things begin to happen.


Jesus and the language of love.

What’s the Aramaic Word for Love?

The most important concept in the language of Jesus

Jack Huston, Carol Wallace and Rick Hamlin on the set of Ben-Hur. Photo: Andrea DiLorenzo, © 2016 Paramount Pictures and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures Inc. All Rights Reserved.

The Miracle of Ben-Hur’s Chariot Race

Watching an epic movie being made on the set in Rome