Inspirational Stories

Don't forget how you are blessed by the basics, like a roof over your head.

Blessed by the Basics

Never forget the gifts of God, including running water, food on the table and a roof over your head.

Guideposts: The Novak family (l to r) Lexi, Laurie, Robby and David

Kid President's Path to Awesome!

They were experienced foster parents, but these were two special needs children. Were they ready for that?

Guideposts: Nasya Mancini leads her class for homeless teens.

Sharing Her Dream with Homeless Teens

Teased, bullied, shunned. Who knew better than Nasya Mancini how empowering acting could be for kids like her?

Soul mates who cannot part in life or in death, who are always in love.

The Mysterious Ways of Love and Death

Our December/January issue investigates the phenomenon of soul mates who can’t live apart.

Rabbi Peter J. Rubinstein talks #GivingTuesday and how his Jewish faith determines the way in which he gives back.

A Jewish View on Giving

Rabbi Peter J. Rubinstein talks #GivingTuesday and how his Jewish faith determines the way in which he gives back. 

#GivingTuesday creator Henry Timms talks the power of social media activism

#GivingTuesday: The Movement Changing the Way We Help Others

#GivingTuesday creator Henry Timms on how a simple idea became a global social media campaign that raises millions for charities.

The healing power of song. Rick Hamlin will be singing a song a day during Advent.

The Healing Power of Song

After a serious lung infection, Rick Hamlin gets an early Christmas gift.

Pay it forward. Who needs love, support or encouragement from you today?

Pay It Forward

Who needs support, encouragement or love from you today?

Diana Aydin's gratitude challenge continues this Thanksgiving season by giving thanks for old friends, new colleagues and kale!

Gratitude Challenge–Part 6

Giving thanks for new colleagues, old friends, kale salads and a quirky sweater.

A young editor finds his path to a job at Mysterious Ways via a mysterious manner.

Led to Work at Mysterious Ways

Our new assistant editor tells the story of how he came to join our editorial team.