Inspirational Stories

Gratitude from Norman Vincent Peale's granddaughter for all the inspiration

Inspired to Say Thank You

Gratitude from Norman Vincent Peale’s granddaughter

Actor Henry Winkler in his role as "the Fonz"

Guideposts Classics: Henry Winkler on Faith

In this story from March 1985, the Happy Days star reveals how he came to understand that God uses our talents to touch others in ways that we may not always understand.

Jack Huston starring in the remake of Ben-Hur. Photo: Paramount Pictures.

My Wife Re-Wrote 'Ben-Hur'

A proud husband on the updating of Lew Wallace’s epic novel about Christ

Dagmara Wozniak U.S. Fencing

Rio 2016: Dagmara Wozniak's Olympic Journey Is the American Dream

The child of immigrants, U.S. Fencing star Dagmara Wozniak shares how, through hard work, she's made her own American dream come true. 

Shakur Stevenson US Boxing

Rio 2016: Shakur Stevenson Is Ready to Punch His Golden Ticket

The young phenom may be America's best chance at gold in men's boxing at this year's Olympics. 

Christen Press U.S. Women's Soccer

Rio 2016: How Christen Press Rediscovered Her Love for the Game

The U.S. Women's Soccer star shares why she thought her dream of playing for the National team might never come true and what she's looking forward to in Rio. 

Why military families make the best friends.

5 Reasons Why Military Families Make the Best Friends

All those deployments and moves make for the best recipes, travel tips and just plain showing up in life.

The wonder of a sunset at the beach. Photo by Diana Aydin.

Sunset: Look for Beauty Every Day

A stunning sunset reminds us not to overlook the beauty in our lives.

Pokemon Go sending people to church

Pokémon Go Is Bringing People to Church

Some churches were surprised to see players on their doorsteps, but decided to welcome them. 

A view of the installation 'The Floating Piers' on the Iseo Lake by the Bulgarian artist Christo Vladimirov Yavachev known as Christoenter on June 8, 2016 in Iseo, Italy. Photo: Pier Marco Tacca/Getty Images

Art Helps Us See Hidden Wonders

An art installation by Christo transforms the way we experience the world