Inspirational Stories

An artist's rendering of a crocheted cross

Someone Cares: Cross Fit

A woman in her nineties finds fulfillment in crocheting small crosses, snowmen and flowers for one and all.

Dawn Blackman

She Shares the Joys of Gardening with City Kids

An Illinois seamstress and business owner found a way to put her faith into action: Teaches children in an urban setting about growing their vegetables.

An artist's rendering of a woman sharing treats with kids

Someone Cares: Tempting Treats

A woman trying to stick to a healthy diet finds a way to share the treats she acquires over the holidays with those who would enjoy them.

5 ways to calm your mind

5 Ways to Calm Your Mind

The buzz of everyday life can make us forget what it feels like to be at peace. Take the time to reconnect with your calmness.

Country music superstar Reba McEntire

Reba McEntire: The Hymns That Live in Me

The country music superstar shares songs of hope and faith that have been a part of her life ever since her girlhood days in a one-room church in Chockie, Oklahoma.

What to do when you're in spiritual darkness

When in Spiritual Darkness, Trust God

Lessons from a West Virginia coal miner on digging out of seemingly hopeless situations.

Kindness toward others

How a Kind Deed Can Transform a Day

A stranger on the subway and a pack of tissues made all the difference.

The miracle of winter flowers

The Miracle of Winter Flowers

Indoor gardening has never been my forte, which makes houseplant successes all the sweeter.

Jimmy Spagnolo, 6, rings a bell to signify the end of his cancer treatments at the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh.

This Boy's Victory Dance After Chemo Will Warm Your Heart

6-year-old Jimmy Spagnolo's inspiring journey through a year of chemotherapy has touched thousands across the country.

Positive thinking at the doctor's

The Positive Power of Words

We can’t control our medical providers’ words, but we can make our internal monologue positive and healing-focused.