Inspirational Stories

Faith in a mother's love restores a Felix the Cat clock just in time.

A Miracle Just In Time

Faith in a mother’s love miraculously brings a Felix the Cat clock back to life.

Joseph Fiennes stars in Sony's Biblical epic, Risen

'Risen' Brings the Resurrection to the Big Screen

Sony's latest film starring Joseph Fiennes and Tom Felton shows the Resurrection of Jesus Christ through the eyes of a non-believer. 

Benjamin Peck and Chelsea Peck of the Christian Folk Duo Mr. & Mrs. Something

Christian Folk Duo Mr. & Mrs. Something's Musical Love Story

Benjamin "Bino" Peck and Chelsea Lindstrom share how faith and music sparked their own love story. 

Samuel Bistrian hands out Roma Boots to children

How One Man Is Giving Poverty The Boot

Samuel Bistrian is giving children durable footwear and a chance at a better life with his one-for-one shoe company, Roma Boots. 

Images of the alphabet as depicted in images taken of Earth from space by NASA.

A-to-Z Wonder from Space

An out of-this-world version of the ABC’s in NASA images of Earth taken from space

Diogo Morgado stars in Love Finds You In Valentine

Diogo Morgado Is Acting with a Purpose

Son of God star Diogo Morgado shares his formula for choosing roles and how he overcame one of his greatest fears while filming his latest movie, Love Finds You in Valentine.

Celebrating typewriter artist Paul Smith and his inspirational story.

Typewriter Artist: The Inspiring Story of Paul Smith

Against all odds, a man of incredible genius and faith thrives creatively.

In an amazing video, pre-mature twins are shown holding hands.

A Miraculous Twin Bond

An amazing video shows pre-mature twins holding hands.

Looking for koala bears on Kangaroo Island, Australia. Sometimes you have to look hard to find what you want.

A World of Wonder Down Under

Our managing editor’s 3-week journey to Australia was full of Mysterious Ways

Casey Affleck in Disney's The Finest Hours

The Miraculous Rescue That Inspired 'The Finest Hours'

Author Michael Tougias shares the unbelievable real-life rescue mission that inspired Disney's latest film.