Inspirational Stories

Lynne Nichols with her son, Ben.

A Mother’s Love

Sometimes it’s the only thing on earth that can save us

No moment of wonder is too small to share.

Do You Have a Mysterious Moment?

Inspiration can come in teeny-tiny packages. Share your story of wonder, no matter how small, with us!

Never give up. You might start out last, but you can still win the race.

A Last-Place Runner's Surprising Finish

Never give up. One minute you can be behind the pack and the next...

Never Try, Never Win--inscription on one of the inspiring Babson Boulders of Massachusetts

The Inspiring Babson Boulders of Massachusetts

How one man went about spreading wonder in his part of the world

The kind of courage that inspires, from a military mom.

The Kind of Courage That Inspires

It’s not so much the big, dramatic moments but the quiet fulfillment of duty, no matter the cost.

Guideposts: Abolitionist, suffragette and Union spy Harriet Tubman

Harriet Tubman: An Inspiring Life

Discover more about Harriet Tubman—the first African-American woman to appear as the face of U.S. currency.

How to find hope and joy in the of tragedy

How to Find Hope and Joy in the Face of Tragedy

Despite her sister’s murder, Dawn Smith Jordan allowed God to use her life in amazing ways.

Chonda Pierce talks depression, her documentary and new stand up special.

How Comedian Chonda Pierce Is Using Laughter to Heal

The "Queen of Clean" opens up about her struggle with depression, family tragedy and why laughter really is the best medicine. 

Kim Walker Smith from Jesus Culture

How Jesus Culture's Kim Walker Smith Found Her Purpose

The singer shares why she decided to take a risk, quit her job and follow God's call for her life. 

Inky, a very smart escape artist octopus from New Zealand

This Octopus Is Probably Smarter Than We Are

Inky the eight-tentacled sea fugitive reminds us of the inner life of animals