Inspirational Stories

How simple words of encouragement can change a life.

Simple Words of Encouragement

How one writer just starting out benefited from an act of kindness

Hillary Scott's New Album 'Love Remains'

Lady Antebellum's Hillary Scott Heals with New Album 'Love Remains'

The singer opens up about the loss of her grandfather, her miscarriage and how recording a family album helped her heal from both. 

Carol Wallace, author of a new adaptation of her great-great-grandfather's bestselling novel, Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ

Ben-Hur: How Lew Wallace Found Faith in Epic Fiction

The great-great-granddaughter of the author of Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ shares how that record-setting bestseller impacted her ancestor's life—and her own.

Brooke Sweat

Rio 2016: How Beach Volleyball Player Brooke Sweat Found Love on the Sand

The Olympian shares her dreams for Rio and how her husband introduced her to the sport. 

Danell Leyva

Rio 2016: How Danell Leyva Is Continuing A Legacy

The U.S. gymnast talks about the sacrifices his family made in order for him to fulfill his Olympic dream. 

The Cast of A&E's 'Born This Way'

'Born This Way' Is Breaking Down Barriers for People With Down Syndrome

Sandra McElwee, mom to one of the show's stars, opens up about the challenges her son faced living with Down Syndrome and how the A&E series is changing people's lives. 

Gratitude from Norman Vincent Peale's granddaughter for all the inspiration

Inspired to Say Thank You

Gratitude from Norman Vincent Peale’s granddaughter

Actor Henry Winkler in his role as "the Fonz"

Guideposts Classics: Henry Winkler on Faith

In this story from March 1985, the Happy Days star reveals how he came to understand that God uses our talents to touch others in ways that we may not always understand.

Jack Huston starring in the remake of Ben-Hur. Photo: Paramount Pictures.

My Wife Re-Wrote 'Ben-Hur'

A proud husband on the updating of Lew Wallace’s epic novel about Christ

Dagmara Wozniak U.S. Fencing

Rio 2016: Dagmara Wozniak's Olympic Journey Is the American Dream

The child of immigrants, U.S. Fencing star Dagmara Wozniak shares how, through hard work, she's made her own American dream come true.