Inspirational Stories

Let inspirational stories of faith, hope, survival, healing, and courage help you cultivate a positive attitude every day.

Dennis McNicholas discovered a side to his personality that he didn't know he had
Living Longer, Living Better

Could He Have a More Adventurous Life?

How does a man who was raised to live cautiously break out of his shell in middle age? Training for a triathlon, for starters.

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NBC News anchor Lester Holt
Stories of Faith

Lester Holt: How Family and Faith Have Influenced His Career

The respected NBC Nightly News anchor's church-going childhood continues to impact the work he was called to do.

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Dennis McNicholas
Living Longer, Living Better

Dennis McNicholas on the Benefits of Taking Chances Later in Life

Dennis McNicholas, who in his fifties was inspired to change his play-it-safe approach to living, shares why it's important to continue to take risks later in life.

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Three colorful beach houses lined up.

Prayer for a Longer Vacation

My son wanted to stay an extra week but it was completely out of our budget...

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Carol and her favorite feline, Luna, whom she adopted from a shelter.

How This Dog Lover Became a Cat Person

After saying goodbye to her beloved pooch, could she love a cat?

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Vegetable soup in a bowl with ingredients surrounding it.

Mama's Angel Soup

Some things just take time.

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Help at a gas station.
People Helping People

A Gas Station Where Grace Abounds

A leaking car tire leads to a world of help in small town Wyoming.

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Andean condor, Lianni in her natural habitat.
Stories of Hope

The Most Fragile Creatures

This Andean condor desperately needed help — and this vet was just the right person.

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Hands illuminated by light and open in prayer.
Power of Prayer

Blessed with Beautiful Last Words

She experienced a miraculous moment of prayer.

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NBC News anchor Lester Holt
Movies and TV

NBC Nightly News Anchor Lester Holt on His 'Inspiring America' Segments

The respected news anchor discusses why he considers the positive stories he shares under the Inspiring America banner to be a vitally important part of his job as a journalist.

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