Inspirational Stories

Let inspirational stories of faith, hope, survival, healing, and courage help you cultivate a positive attitude every day.

Joan Wester Anderson
Life After Death

When Angels Have No Names

A young boy's angelic vision brings comfort to a grieving family.

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Antoinette Tuff
Our Favorite Stories

Letting God Speak Through Her

She could have run. Instead she talked, and more than 800 students were spared.

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Chuck Leavell poses in front of a long row of his trees.
Finding Life Purpose

With Reason and Faith

Rocker Chuck Leavell has become one of the South’s most passionate conservationists.

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Old woman laughing on couch
Positive Thinking

A Not-So-Random Act of Kindness

When her neighbor needed to get to the store each week, Evelyn went back to driving school, got her license and lent a hand.

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Couple kiss while renewing wedding vows.
Finding Life Purpose

Olympic Skier Fulfills Couple's Lifetime Wish

Olympian helped this couple recreate their epic love story and renew their vows.

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A photo of Daisy the dog in a field of wild flowers

Blessed by a Daisy

She wasn't sure about getting a new dog, but someone up above knew she was ready.

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man turning up the car radio
Emotional and Mental Health

Mysterious Ways: Verse of the Day

As a new business owner, I felt in over my head… until I received some reassurance.

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Boy and dog sitting together

This Story About a Boy and His Dog Will Leave You in Tears

A boy and his three-legged dog prove that true friendship can overcome any obstacle

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Three pale eggs in a nest

Hope Arrives on the Wings of Doves

A pair of white birds bring unexpected comfort to a grieving mom.

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Diogo Morgado as Jesus in the movie "Son of God"
Movies and TV

Diogo Morgado on Playing Jesus in "Son of God"

Actor Diogo Morgado talks about how he came to understand Jesus' message of love.

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