Inspirational Stories

Let inspirational stories of faith, hope, survival, healing, and courage help you cultivate a positive attitude every day.
Barbara Green
Coping With Illness

The Angelic Whisper

An attentive daughter is summoned by angels to ensure that her mother is safe at home.

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Inspired to Run Again
Emotional and Mental Health

Inspired to Run Again

Faith, prayer and a fitness trainer allowed her to reclaim something she loved.

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Marion Bond West and her daughter Julie Garmon
Devotions for Women

The Gift of Small Talk

In this excerpt from Daily Guideposts: 365 Spirit-Lifting Devotions for Mothers, a mother’s greatest gift is the smallest detail of her child’s life, freely shared.

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Hunter Parrish as Jesus in Godspell on Broadway
How to Pray

Jesus on Broadway

Singing is a great prayer amplifier, or as the sign in our choir room at church used to say: “He Who Sings Prays Twice.”

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Kathryn Slattery and her husband, Tom

Forget Your Troubles; Make Someone Else Happy

A daughter pays tribute to her mother by baking one last chocolate cake.

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Bill Irwin
Emotional and Mental Health

His Faith Overcame His Pride

A blind man who long dreamed of building his own home learns to accept help.

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Susan Orneck
Power of Prayer

What Prayer Can Do: Faith at 30,000 Feet

A worried woman unexpectedly finds eager prayer partners on a cross-country flight.

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Life after Death blogger Trudy Harris
Life After Death

When We Are Close to Death

Why we should all learn to listen, really listen, to those around us who are on their way to heaven.

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Pam Hanson in the pool
Living Longer, Living Better

She Plunged into a Healthy Lifestyle

A Nebraska woman uses prayer and faith to overcome her aversion to exercise.

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Mysterious Ways icon: Clouds, blue sky and the words Mysterious Ways
God's Grace

Mysterious Ways: Prayers Answered While You Wait

A struggling mother of three receives a quick but unexpected answer to her prayer.

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