Inspirational Stories

Let inspirational stories of faith, hope, survival, healing, and courage help you cultivate a positive attitude every day.
A. B. Curtiss and her grandchildren
Coping With Grief

The Little Chapel That Stood

How a grandmother's poem turned into an inspiring children's book about September 11.

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Patrick and his son, Angus
Military Outreach Stories

Fearless on the Fourth of July

A soldier's story of how a community helped him battle his fear of fireworks.

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Mysterious Ways: Far from Home
Inspiring Stories

Mysterious Ways: Far from Home

Thousands of miles from home, an inexplicable coincidence brings hope to an airline passenger.

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Marge Champion practicing dance in her studio.
Managing Life Changes

Generation Inspiration: Marge Champion

Marge Champion has been dancing in films and on Broadway all her life, and at 91, she is still going strong. Find out the secret to her success.

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Jay Payleitner and his son Randy

The Extra Mile

The inspiring story of a dad who goes above and beyond for his kids.

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An American flag in a cemetery
Stories of Hope

An Encounter with Well-Tended Hope

A woman finds hope after lending a hand to an elderly couple visiting their son's grave.

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The Gifts of Multiple Sclerosis
Coping With Illness

The Gifts of Multiple Sclerosis

In honor of Poetry Month, we offer two inspiring poems by a Washington State writer with MS.

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bag of groceries

The Miraculous Easter Dinner

She enjoyed the perfect Easter meal, thanks to a friend and a mysterious coincidence.

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Karen Zindric and her lemon tree
Positive Living

Lessons Learned from a Lemon Tree

After years of struggle, a woman finds love and happiness in her backyard.

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four mixed-breed dogs
Positive Thinking

A Mother's Prayer for Her Soldier Son

Man's best friend teaches her son the priceless lesson that kindness always pays.

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