Inspirational Stories

Let inspirational stories of faith, hope, survival, healing, and courage help you cultivate a positive attitude every day.
Easter wreath and two guardian angels

Easter’s Wreath

After his sons died, a father loses the strength to go on…until two guardian angels visit him at night.

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The couple that hikes together...Wes and Heather in the Rockies, 2008

A Lost Hiker's Guide Home

Who would help me find my way? Just then, I met my guardian angel.

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Managing Life Changes

Faith in a Greater Vision

An inspiring story of one CEO's big career move

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Dolley Madison, the first "First Lady"
Emotional and Mental Health

The First "First Lady"

We're celebrating Women's History Month with the inspirational story of Dolley Madison, and how she inspired a nation.

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Sophy Burnham
Living With Cancer

Healed of Breast Cancer

An angelic visitor offers hope and inner peace.

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Peggy Fleming performs on the ice.
Emotional and Mental Health

Guideposts Classics: Peggy Fleming's Toughest Competition

In honor of the Sochi Olympics, we're sharing this Guideposts classic by ice skating champ Peggy Fleming.

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Roland Mesnier, White House pastry chef
Health and Wellness

Meet a White House Pastry Chef!

The secret to baking for presidents

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Kris Freeman in training
Coping With Illness

An Olympian's Battle with Diabetes

Skier Kris Freeman didn't let diabetes prevent him from pursuing his Olympic dreams.

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A woman waits in an airport, unaware her oldest friend is nearby.
God's Grace

Far from Home

Such a long trip for such a short stay

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Christmas Wrapping Paper
Work Life

Santa's Helper

The holidays were just too much work for one person alone.

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