Inspirational Stories

Let inspirational stories of faith, hope, survival, healing, and courage help you cultivate a positive attitude every day.
An artist's rendering of a baby bird bathing in a small ceramic dish

Love Bird

Squirt was always there to lift her spirits.

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Angel in red dress

Angelic Autumn Light

She was nervous about singing solo—till a heavenly angel appeared at the right time.

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An artist's rendering of Walter P. Smith and King Brooks sitting on a curb
Inspiring Stories

The Friend He Never Forgot

As a boy during the Great Depression he learned valuable life lessons from his Black friend, King.

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An artist's rendering of Susan's dream
Life Advice

Our Dream House

In this excerpt from Dreams of Angels, a woman's hope for a new home seems out of reach until a heavenly message reassures her it is meant to be.

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Baltimore Oriole perching in a tree in late fall.
Life After Death

A Sign Her Husband Was Safe in Heaven

Baseball, birdsong, and the promise of things to come.

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A yellow canary perched on a tree branch.

Canary Caper

The canaries escaped from the aviary...and our cat crouched low to the ground, ready to pounce.

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Collage illustration of a large imposing angel in a dark alley

Mystery of the Missing Report Card

My childhood wasn't pretty. Neither was the angel I met in a dangerous part of town.

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Heavenly angel

A New Year's Promise

A worried mother receives an encouraging message.

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Readers' Favorite Stories

What's Your Story?

The Guideposts editor-in-chief wants to hear your personal change stories.

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Devoted Dad

Melvin Mora's inspiring story of tragedy and triumph

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