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The Christmas ornament depicting Jesus cradling a newborn baby in his arms.
People Helping People

Someone Cares: Healing Shared

She gave this special ornament to another family in need of its healing abilities.

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An illustration of a lobster holding a flute of bubbly champagne.
People Helping People

Someone Cares: Cheers!

She was determined to make New Year's Eve special every year.

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An artist's rendering of Indiana Jones gazing down from the edge of a cliff
God's Grace

How 'Indiana Jones' Helped to Preserve Her Sobriety

A month into her sobriety, she was experiencing a craving for alcohol she feared she couldn't overcome—until a forgotten scene from an action movie pulled her through.

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An artist's rendering of a sparkling flashcubes hanging from the branches of a tree
Stories of Faith

Christmas Away From Home Offered a Meaningful Lesson

Spending the holidays on the Yucatan Peninsula, a New Yorker learned new traditions—and found new meaning—in the celebration.

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Longtime CSI: Crime Scene Investigation star Marg Helgenberger
Movies and TV

Guideposts Classics: Marg Helgenberger on the Blessings of Family

In this story from June 2009, the longtime star of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation shares how her small-town roots serve to keep her grounded.

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Man helping homeless woman
People Helping People

The Florida Project Is Giving a Voice to the Homeless

The film is partnering with organizations like Community First! to bring attention to a growing crisis. 

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Babette Davis, chef, restauteur and advocate for healthy eating
Living Longer, Living Better

Eating Better Transformed Her Health and Her Career

At 67 years old, this self-taught chef is the healthiest she’s ever been, and she's helping others get there too.

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2017 New York Women's Marathon winner Shalane Flanagan

Inspiring NY Marathon Winner Shalane Flanagan

Learn more about Shalane Flanagan, the inspiring winner of the 2017 New York Women's Marathon and the first American to win that event in 40 years.


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Candace Payne, the mom who became an internet sensation thanks to a Chewbacca mask
Answered Prayers

How Chewbacca Mom's Prayer Was Answered

The mother of two who became an internet sensation had one seemingly unattainable dream: To take her family to Disney World.

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A screenshot of the Guideposts homepage.
Inspiring Stories Wins National Award

The redesigned website has won industry recognition

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