Inspirational Stories

Let inspirational stories of faith, hope, survival, healing, and courage help you cultivate a positive attitude every day.
Dr. Edward Crosby's green care package containing gum, tissues, nail clippers, and lip balm.
People Helping People

Someone Cares: Care Package

This special box offered hope, love and encouragement.

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Edith's poster featuring highlights from her life as a Rockette.
People Helping People

Someone Cares: Chart-a-Life

She created a project that became special to caregivers and patients alike.

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A male veteran kneeling down and embracing a dog while a female veteran stands up and holds a cat in her arms.
People Helping People

Someone Cares: Pets for Patriots

This nonprofit helps veterans find a feline in need.

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Inspiring Films of 2017
Movies and TV

The 11 Most Inspirational Films Of 2017

Here are some of the most powerful, positive films of 2017.

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Mail carrier Lisa Sweeney by her mail truck

A Mail Carrier's Instincts Save a Life and Start a Friendship

This mail carrier noticed something wasn't right at one of the homes on her route. Her quick action made all the difference.

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Helen Keller's profound faith
Finding Life Purpose

Helen Keller’s Profound Faith

If we look beyond our own needs and desires and focus on how we can share our gifts, gratification will come to others and to ourselves.

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Edie and Paloma travel from Calamajué to Arroyo San Francisquito

A Cancer Patient's Trek Along the California Mission Trail

Cancer patient Edie Littlefield Sundby set an unusual goal for herself: To walk the entire 800 miles of the California Mission Trail, visiting the state's 21 historic missions along the way.

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Hanukkah candles
Inspiring Stories

Hanukkah: The Long Reach of a Small Light

As Hanukkah begins, what will you kindle in your life?

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Longtime Guideposts contributor John Sherrill
Stories of Faith

In Fond and Grateful Remembrance: John Sherrill

Executive Editor Rick Hamlin pays tribute to a beloved and inspiring colleague, Guideposts editor and writer John Sherrill.

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An artist's rendering of a sparkling flashcubes hanging from the branches of a tree
Stories of Faith

Christmas Away From Home Offered a Meaningful Lesson

Spending the holidays on the Yucatan Peninsula, a New Yorker learned new traditions—and found new meaning—in the celebration.

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