Inspirational Stories

Let inspirational stories of faith, hope, survival, healing, and courage help you cultivate a positive attitude every day.

The story of Exodus at Passover.
Inspiring Stories

Passover and the Fight for Freedom

On Passover, when Jews celebrate liberation, we remember the fight for freedom continues.

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Finding a miracle in an old class photo.
Inspiring Stories

The Miracle in an Old Class Photo

You never really know what wonders God has in store for you.

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Woman calculating numbers using a calculator
Living Longer, Living Better

What to Think About When Thinking About Retirement

Keep these helpful tips in mind when planning for your financial future and family after retiring.

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Three senior citizens playing pool
Living Longer, Living Better

To Retire with Purpose, Know Your Purpose

Former CEO of The Evangelical Lutheran Good Samaritan Society shares some tips on how retirement can change your life in terms of spirituality and having a sense of community.

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Purdue University power forward Caleb "Biggie" Swanigan
Motivational Stories

Mentor Guides Hoops Star to March Madness and Beyond

Weighing in at nearly 400 at age 13, Purdue University's Caleb Swanigan got off to a rough start, but his older brother made a call that changed his life.

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Jessica Chastain in "The Zookeeper's Wife"
Movies and TV

'The Zookeeper's Wife' Offers a Timely Lesson

Director Niki Caro shares why her film is a story of humanity and healing, and what we can learn from it. 

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How colors affect your emotions.
Positive Living

The Emotional Impact of Color

Becoming aware of how colors affect your emotions can help you live a more positive life.

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Inspiring Stories

When God Seems Far Away

Just like waiting for spring flowers to emerge, know that light and color will enter your life again.

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An artist's rendering of Sherri's bowl of blessings
People Helping People

Someone Cares: Bowls of Blessings

She found counting blessings to be a helpful practice, so when she found out her friend was battling cancer, she sent her a special gift.

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