Inspiring Stories from September 11

9/11 will forever live in the memories of Americans. But for those who either survived the attacks on the World Trade Center or lost loved ones in collapse of the Twin Towers, the day was a life-changing event.  

Listen now as they recount their stories: the impact of that day on their lives, and the messages and signs some received—and continue to receive—10 years after the most deadly attack on the U.S.

image-Stanley PraimnathStanley Praimnath
A Higher Purpose
September 2011

image-Genelle GuzmanGenelle Guzman
Angel at Ground Zero
September 2011

image-Brian ClarkBrian Clark
A Vision of Hope
September 2011

image-Michael HingsonMichael Hingson
Faith to Listen
January 2002
Guided to Safety
September 2011

image-Bonnie McEneanyBonnie McEneaney
Messages from 9/11
September 2010 & 2011
The Blue Heron
September 2011

Messages from Loved
Ones Lost on 9/11

Bonnie McEneaney
Alison Crowther
Monica Iken

More Inspiring Stories from September 11

Jeff Parness and New York Says Thank YouNew York Says Thank You
After September 11, a father and son take action and create an organization that gives back to communities ravaged by disaster.

A Glimpse of Heaven
In the days leading up to September 11, her husband's faith in God only grew.

Grandmother who wrote 9/11 poemThe Little Chapel that Stood
How a Grandma's poem turned into an inspiring children's book about September 11.

The Green AngelThe Green Angel
A mother who lost her son on 9/11 finds comfort from beyond in a small angel figurine.

The Pilot's DaughterThe Pilot's Daughter
Her father was one of the pilots killed on that tragic September day. How her grief led to a surprising discovery is an inspiring story you won't forget.

The Cross at Ground Zero
A search-and-rescue worker had his faith restored after discovering a cross at ground zero.

After September 11After September 11
She lost her husband in the World Trade Center attack. Reassurance about the afterlife came in ways she never expected.

An Angel for an Angel
How thanks to a 9/11 rescue worker came at just the right time and helped to comfort this American hero.

The Day Before September 11
Guideposts Editor-in-Chief Edward Grinnan reflects on the faith-based principles we can draw from the day preceding the World Trade Center attacks.