It’s How We Finish that Counts

How a small success gave her newfound resilience and fervor.

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No Way! That was my response after looking at the scale when I weighed this week. For over a month I had basically been at a standstill. Two weeks ago I finally managed to lose one pound and then another pound the week following. 

Then remarkably this week I lost five pounds! I was so surprised that I called to my husband and asked him to look at the scale to make sure I was really seeing the numbers that I thought I was! 

After stepping off the scale I even looked down to make sure that the dial had not been adjusted. It was correct, and I officially now weigh 186 pounds!

As I looked back through my journal to try to figure out what I may have done differently to cause the sudden weight loss the only thing I can come up with is the fact that I had consumed far fewer calories than what I had normally been eating. 

I had been sick with a head cold throughout the week, and partially due to not being able to taste I noticed that I did not have much of an appetite. Even though I felt bad I continued my exercising each day, although it may not have been quite as intense or long. 

I averaged burning about 2400 calories per day and consumed an average of 1400 calories per day. That is a 1000 calorie per day difference. Multiply that times 7 days and it equates to 7000 calories burned, or two pounds. The other three pounds may have been fluid loss, or maybe it was the pounds from a couple of weeks ago that I should have lost which finally decided to leave. 

Words cannot describe how exciting it is to know that I am so close to completing my ultimate goal of 170 pounds. This weight loss was just the boost that I needed to keep me encouraged and to keep persevering. I had honestly begun to be resigned to the fact that I probably lost all of the weight that I was going to lose. 

I was not quitting, I was just being fearful of failure once again. Isn’t that like so many things we do in life? We start things, but then don’t finish. We get scared, feel we can’t do it, and fear we’ll fail, or just give up. 

As 2 Timothy 4:5 tells us, “…be watchful in all things, endure afflictions, do the work of an evangelist, fulfill your ministry.” Even though it may seem too difficult and we may undergo pain and frustrations we must stay the course and do the work so that we may fulfill our goals.

Thanks to this small success I now have a new resilience and fervor to keep on going and to keep trying to reach that seemingly unattainable goal. Remember it’s not how we start, but how we finish that counts.

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