Labor Day

Labor Day is a chance to remember the value and satisfaction of hard work.
Healthy 4th of July snacks

5 Red, White and Blue Snacks for Your 4th of July

Healthy, easy and inexpensive ways to celebrate America. 

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Picking peaches
Positive Living

6 Positive Ways to Celebrate Labor Day

An opportunity to feel grateful for the seemingly small things you accomplish each day.

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How your work makes a difference
Positive Living

3 Questions to Celebrate Labor Day with Purpose

Wise words from Martin Luther King Jr. resonate with today’s pursuit of positive and meaningful work.

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A black and white photograph of tough hands with dirt on them.
Work Life

9 Inspiring Labor Day Quotes

For Labor Day we share these quotes that celebrate the importance and value of hard work, reminding us all that our labors are worthwhile.

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Job well done? Using your abilities for God.
Finding Life Purpose

Job Well Done? Using Your Abilities for God

Am I using the abilities, gifts, resources that I’ve been given to reach others for Christ and to bring glory to the Lord?

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Labor Day Activities: Peggy Frezon's three pooch pals offer tips for having fun this holiday weekend.

15 Fun Dog-Inspired Labor Day Activities

Take a moment between holiday barbecues and getting ready for back-to-school to act on one (or more) of these Labor Day activities suggested by a trio of pooches!

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Assistant editor Daniel Kessel

Somebody Loves Us All

Assistant editor Daniel Kessel shares a poem that brought him unexpected comfort.

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What is Grandparents Day? Find out the meaning of Grandparents Day

The Meaning of Grandparents Day

The first Sunday after Labor Day is much more than some greeting card holiday.

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Blogger Michelle Medlock Adams
Daily Devotions

Labor Day Lessons

Pause to thank your Heavenly Father for your job, and go to work knowing you make a difference!

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A Sweet Labor Day Devotion
Devotions for Women

A Sweet Labor Day Devotion

A Labor Day tradition leads this devotional writer to examine her role in Jesus' Kingdom.

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