Life After Death

Guideposts: Peter Panagore author of Heaven Is Beautiful

Being Here After Being in Heaven

In this excerpt from Heaven Is Beautiful, Peter Panagore shares his miraculous experience of life after being in heaven.

Guideposts: Actress Kate Bosworth

Kate Bosworth on Faith and Her New Film

While filming her inspiring new movie, 90 Minutes in Heaven, the actress made a spiritual connection with the woman she was portraying.

Guideposts: Peter Panagore, the Man Who Visited Heaven

The Man Who Visited Heaven Speaks

Peter Panagore was a college student ice climbing on his spring break when mistakes on the mountain caused him to die from hypothermia. He shares the aftermath of his near-death experience.

a widow receives a phone call all the way from heaven

Messages from Heaven

A grieving widow receives much-needed comfort and proof of the afterlife in this excerpt from Thin Places.

A mysterious hand appears against the green-gray of a mirror.

A Haunting Handprint From Heaven

My husband, Max, didn’t believe in the afterlife. But he proved to me it existed. 

A mockingbird from heaven

Mockingbirds from Heaven

A woman receives a message from heaven in this excerpt from Angels in Disguise.

A mysterious hand appears against green-gray of a mirror.
A beaming, heavenly light shines through the clouds in this story from Guideposts' sister publication, Mysterious Ways

Surprising Facts About Near-Death Experiences

Are near-death experiences for real? Three studies uncovered some surprising answers…

An artist's rendering of Peter Panagore, unconscious and suspended by a rope from a wall of ice.

Heaven: A Firsthand Account

Peter Panagore was a college student, ice-climbing in Canada on his spring break, when a near-death experience transformed him—and his faith—forever. 

Marvel at true stories that answer our deepest questions about the hereafter. Get Peter’s book as part of our 3-book set, To Heaven and Back.

Guideposts: Thomas Alva Edison, Maya Angelou and Steve Jobs

Famous Last Words

The often mysterious last words of the dying have long captured public attention. Are they merely final utterances? Or could they possibly hold a clue to the wonder that awaits us in the hereafter?