Life After Death

Guideposts: Dr. Christopher Kerr

Dr. Christopher Kerr on Comforting End-of-Life Dreams

Listen as the chief medical officer at Buffalo, New York's Center for Hospice and Palliative Care, who is interviewed in the April-May 2016 edition of Mysterious Ways magazine, shares what he's learned about the dreams and visions experienced by patients who are nearing the end of their lives.

Guideposts: Kate Bosworth and Hayden Christensen portay Eva and Don Piper in the new movie, 90 Minutes in Heaven

Kate Bosworth and Michael Polish on '90 Minutes in Heaven'

The actress and her director husband talk about their new movie, "90 Minutes in Heaven," based on the best-selling book by Don Piper. They discuss this inspiring true story, the surprising motivation of the production company that produced it, and why the movie opened on Sept. 11th.

Guideposts: Peter Panagore author of Heaven Is Beautiful

Being Here After Being in Heaven

In this excerpt from Heaven Is Beautiful, Peter Panagore shares his miraculous experience of life after being in heaven.

Guideposts: Actress Kate Bosworth

Kate Bosworth on Faith and Her New Film

While filming her inspiring new movie, 90 Minutes in Heaven, the actress made a spiritual connection with the woman she was portraying.

Guideposts: Peter Panagore, the Man Who Visited Heaven

The Man Who Visited Heaven Speaks

Peter Panagore was a college student ice climbing on his spring break when mistakes on the mountain caused him to die from hypothermia. He shares the aftermath of his near-death experience.

a widow receives a phone call all the way from heaven

Messages from Heaven

A grieving widow receives much-needed comfort and proof of the afterlife in this excerpt from Thin Places.

A mysterious hand appears against the green-gray of a mirror.

A Haunting Handprint From Heaven

My husband, Max, didn’t believe in the afterlife. But he proved to me it existed. 

A mockingbird from heaven

Mockingbirds from Heaven

A woman receives a message from heaven in this excerpt from Angels in Disguise.

A mysterious hand appears against green-gray of a mirror.