Life After Death

Whether we call it heaven, the afterlife, or paradise, knowing there's life after death helps comfort us in times of grief and loss.
Actor, Tom Hanks
God's Grace

The Tom Hanks Connection

Leave it to Mom to send one last message through her favorite actor…

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Eddie Rickenbacker
Military Outreach Stories

Guideposts Classics: Eddie Rickenbacker on Helping Others

In this story from March 1945, the very first issue of Guideposts, the fighter pilot and war hero shares lessons he learned from life's struggles.

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Nicolas Cage stands before fire in the movie poster for Left Behind
Movies and TV

The Rapture Comes Early in 'Left Behind'

The 2014 big-budget remake of "Left Behind" has plenty of twists and turns.

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Boy's hand held reassuringly.

The Angels of Hemby Hospital

A mother with a sick child is comforted by a group of children from the other side.

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Wanda’s Buddy at home on the farm

Buddy's Welcome Home

She knew what it was to relinquish love to heaven. But this time she couldn’t let go.

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An artist rendition of rainbow pets go to heaven?

Animals and the Afterlife

Angel expert, Sophy Burnham, explores what happens when our beloved pets die.

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Devotional writter, Cynthia Ruchti
Daily Devotions

Daily Devotion: Jesus' Triumphal Entry

Does your “Hosanna” turn quickly to “Jesus, what are You doing?” when crises hit?

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L to R: Brandi, Laura, Laurie and Kathy

"B" Inspired

They had traveled everywhere together. Could it be the same with one of them gone?

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Devotional writer, Erin Keeley Marshall
Daily Devotions

Daily Devotion: A Time for Rebirth

Whatever season of happiness or sorrow you are in today, celebrate God's gift.

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Crystal McVea author of Waking Up in Heaven
Life After Death

Waking Up in Heaven

A woman describes her near-death experience and meeting her angels.

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