Missy’s Book of Inspiration and Determination

“Faith brings comfort in uncertainty. It refocuses our mind. It brings hope instead of fear.” Read on for more of the insights from inspirational seniors in Don't Write My Obituary Just Yet.

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"If we are worrying about tomorrow, we can't live for today."

That’s 90-year-old Louise’s advice in Missy Buchanan's book Don't Write My Obituary Just Yet.

A wonderful collection of tales about 70- to 100-year-olds written for the same age group, these stories are little slices of life that encourage and inspire older adults.Don't Write My Obituary Just Yet

Missy told me what she’s learned from all the elders she spoke to. “God’s words comfort. Faith brings comfort in uncertainty. It refocuses our mind. It brings hope instead of fear.”

I loved that each person's vignette ends with both a Bible passage and a prayer which sums up and enhances the person's story.

Former second-grade teacher Ginny's story is a great example. She has gone through years of medical problems and heartaches. But through it all, 81-year-old Ginny keeps praising God's faithfulness.

"She is grateful for knowledgeable doctors and medical procedures that have saved her life. She delights in her granddaughter's latest accomplishments. Every day she hugs other seniors and encourages them to count their blessings in spite of their afflictions."

Attached to this particular story is a Bible passage about Job (James 5:11), that man of great endurance. His story is a perfect complement to Ginny's. The prayer at the end is about perseverance through faith in God.

This book is formatted in such a delightful way. I loved experiencing each person's remarkable overcoming of everyday problems, each with inspiring determination and faith. I think you will enjoy it too.

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