Whether you call her Mom, Mama, Ma, or your own pet name, your mother is a precious woman because she gave you the ultimate gift--your life.
Movies and TV

Faith Wins at the Academy Awards

Unbelievable moments in acclaimed films are often inspired by real-life “Mysterious Ways.”

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A couple prays for each other. Photo by Rido, Shutterstock.
Stories of Faith

5 Things I Learned When Praying for Others

We miss out on many blessings when we limit the focus of our prayer time to ourselves.

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Michelle and her adored daughter, Abby.

God Adores You!

He’s not thinking about what you did wrong; He's thinking about what you did right!

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Diana Aydin's parents.

Love at First Grade

A daughter's all-time favorite love story and miracle–how her parents met.

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Gorilla mama and baby at Zoo Atlanta. Photo by Judy Royal Glenn.
Positive Living

His Love for Us

If we could love others how the Lord loves us–what an amazing world we would live in.

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Rachel Boston and Jesse Moss in A Gift of Miracles, Guideposts
Movies and TV

Rachel Boston Stars in 'A Gift of Miracles'

Rachel Boston’s new film shares a connection with our magazine "Mysterious Ways."

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Singer Peggy Lee
True Stories of Answered Prayer

Guideposts Classics: Peggy Lee on the Power of Prayer

In this story from June 1954, singer Peggy Lee shares how the prayers of friends and strangers from different backgrounds strengthened her faith.

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Kelly and Ike send Peggy a valentine!

Love Letters from My Dogs

If my dogs Ike and Kelly took pen to paws, here's what they'd say...

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Artist Jan Mayer's painting of a family on a beach
God's Grace

Promise of the Painting

Her husband was twice comforted by a painting in a hospital—and a heavenly voice.

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Blogger Dan Kessel's parents in 1982.

A Speedy Decision

Something guided my dad’s split-second choice, writes assistant editor Daniel Kessel

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