Whether you call her Mom, Mama, Ma, or your own pet name, your mother is a precious woman because she gave you the ultimate gift--your life.
Daniel Kessel.

A Mother’s Song

Rap superstar Kanye West believes his mother sent a message through his music.

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Deer in a meadow at sunset

Divine Deer Crossing

Miles away from the nearest neighbor or phone, she needed help fast.

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The worn hands of an elderly woman. Photo M. Palis, Thinkstock.

An Everyday Hero

A single mom who went the extra mile for her children.

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Catherine Marshall
Prayers for Stronger Faith

The Prayer of Relinquishment

Writer Catherine Marshall did some of her most memorable work for Guideposts.

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What is God's plan for you? Photo by Serg Myshkovsky, Thinkstock.
Finding Life Purpose

God's Fingerprints

Years ago, God’s plan for a young girl's life was taking shape.

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Do you believe in the death penalty? Photo by C_FOR, Thinkstock.
Prayers for Stronger Faith

Life or Death: Who Decides?

Is the death penalty a divine prerogative that we have usurped?

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An artist's rendering of a Little Free Library
Finding Life Purpose

Take One, Leave One

Hoping to share their love of books with others, they came across the perfect solution.

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Melissa is a best-selling cookbook author. Her new book is Supermarket Healthy.
Emotional and Mental Health

Beyond the Tears

Melissa d’Arabian’s primary goal is to prevent the tragedy that struck her own family.

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a bow on a package
God's Grace

A Gift from Beyond

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Norman Vincent Peale began a family Christmas tradition.

A Peale Family Christmas Tradition

The faces and voices may have changed, but this holiday tradition keeps family connected.

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