Mother's Day

Mother's Day invites us to share our deepest love and appreciation with the woman who made our lives possible.
she always wanted to learn to speak Spanish
God's Grace

Mysterious Ways: Language Lessons

All my life I wanted to learn Spanish. But where would I find the time?

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Guideposts: An artist's rendering of the Virgin Mary hold the Baby Jesus in her arms lovingly
Bible Resources

Inspiring Mothers of the Bible

To commemorate Mother's Day, we're paying tribute to some of the most inspiring matriarchal figures in the Bible, from Eve, the Mother of Humanity, to Mary, the Mother of Jesus.

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Guideposts: A young boy plants  a smooch on the cheek of his smiling mother

Inspiring Quotes About Mothers

What can we say about mothers?  As Mother's Day approaches, enjoy these inspiring (sometimes funny) thoughts on moms, from everyone from Abraham Lincoln to Maya Angelou. 

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Michelle's daughters, Ally and Abby.

Out of the Mouths of Babes…

Our children have great lessons to teach us—if we’ll only listen.

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Mother and daughter walking at sunset (Thinkstock)

3 Lessons from My Mama

Some remembered pearls of wisdom from from a fiesty, loyal, loving mom

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Mother's Day flowers (Thinkstock)
Military Outreach Stories

A Mother’s Day to Remember

An indignant mother is greeted with a surprise message of love.

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Patti and her son, Noah

The Most Important Job in the World

God's voice helps a haggard young mother make her role a top priority.

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Shawnelle and her mom

A Mother's Grace

I deserved a consequence. A punishment. But Mom met me with grace.

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Mother and two sons. (Thinkstock)

The Gift of Motherhood

I can’t imagine my life without my sons. How blessed I’ve been to be their mama. 

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A mother and her children (Shutterstock)
True Stories of Answered Prayer

The Power of a Mother’s Prayer

My mother’s prayers shaped me in more ways than I will ever know. 

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