Mother's Day

Mother's Day invites us to share our deepest love and appreciation with the woman who made our lives possible.
One of Carolyn's angel figurines

Surrounded by Angels

A worried mom is reassured by her collection of heavenly figurines.

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An older mother surrounded by two daughters

A Mother's Day Tribute

Watch our online celebration: A Tribute to Motherhood and share it with the special moms in your life.

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Elizabeth Barbera clasps a photo of her departed son Jason.
Coping With Grief

Her Faith Was Restored by Mother Goose

A grieving mom is inspired by her interactions with a pair of feathered parents-to-be.

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Beautiful pink tulips and a happy mother's day postcard and gift
Emotional and Mental Health

One Last Mother's Day Note

I was worried about Mom missing Gary on Mother's Day.

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Guideposts Editor-in-Chief Edward Grinnan

A Song for Mom

The fond memory that helps Edward Grinnan remember his mother's birthday.

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Pamela Haskin's mother


Why does she have to be so loud and flashy? It's so embarrassing!

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An artist's rendering of a woman sitting at a typewriter with a child in her lap

Mama's Success

Mom told us she'd be a writer one day; her success turned out to be a big inspiration.

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A sparkler shines in the night air.

Mom's Last Light

The sparkler they found in their mother's house was a spark of hope on a dark night.

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Illustration: A young woman makes a call while an impatient saleswoman stews.

Mama and the Silver Comet

The sweet inspirational story of how a formal dress stopped a train dead in its tracks.

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