Motivational Stories

If you are feeling less than inspired, motivational stories will help restore your positive outlook and get your attitude back on track.
Sather Gowdy, founder of Heal Spokane
People Helping People

Everyday Greatness: He Healed His Pain with Acts of Kindness

After a series of losses, Sather Gowdy withdrew from the world, but the law student, and founder of Heal Spokane, got back on a positive path by helping others. 

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Alex Honnold Free Soloing El Capitan
Movies and TV

The 'Radical Faith' Behind Breathtaking New Film 'Free Solo'

Free Solo is a groundbreaking documentary. But the filmmakers almost abandoned the project.

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A suitcase piled with various clothes and belongings.
Managing Life Changes

8 Motivational Quotes for Decluttering

Decluttering can be a difficult task to begin. Here are 8 of our favorite motivational quotes to help you get started on organizing and clearing your life.

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Positive Living

A Healthy Way to Listen to Your ‘Inner Critic’

Heard with the right attitude, that self-critical voice can be a positive motivator.

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healthy social media habits
Emotional and Mental Health

3 Healthy Summer Social Media Habits

Don’t let jealousy or fear-of-missing-out sabotage your season.

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Mary Lou (in hat) found creative ways to life her sister Libby's spirit.
Caregiver Burnout

6 Ways You Can Help a Caregiver

She was afraid her sister would burn out with all her worries.

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Senior woman gardening
Positive Living

The Positive Power of Trying Something New

Take on a new challenge and reconnect with the pleasure of being an excited beginner.

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A young woman running on a track with the guidance of her personal trainer.
Living Longer, Living Better

10 Motivational Quotes for Weight Loss

Let these quotes encourage you to take care of yourself and motivate you on your journey to better health.

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Essential tools for weight loss such as a bottle of water, a scale, and a dumbbell
Living Longer, Living Better

13 Tips to Manage Unexpected Weight Gain

Suddenly gaining some pounds? Here's what you can do to take action and keep them off.

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Colleen Kelly Alexander
Inspiring Stories

Inspiring Stories from People Like Us

Some true stories of faith in action told by real people like you.

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