Mysterious Ways

Mysterious Ways: The Office Visit That Saved a Life

The Office Visit That Saved a Life

Why would I drop in on a professor I barely knew?

A crocheted cross is a sign from God that everything will be okay

The Healing Power of a Gift from Above

The crocheted cross my airman husband found answered my neighbor’s prayer…

Guideposts: Henk (right) settled in Canada after the war, always hoping he’d meet George again.

The Remarkable Reunion of a Former POW with the Soldier Who Saved Him

After 50 years, a former P.O.W. is reunited with the soldier who helped keep him alive during World War II.

Guideposts: It seems impossible, but this fir tree clings to life on a tiny, rocky outcrop in the middle of Fairy Lake in British Columbia, Canada.

Sacred Trees of the World

Take a look at our slideshow of sacred trees around the world, from mysterious cherry blossoms in Japan to an Italian cathedral made entirely of trees.

Guideposts: Astronaut F. Story Musgrave prepares to be elevated to the top of the Hubble Space Telescope.

Astronaut Story Musgrave on Spirituality and Space

Former NASA astronaut Story Musgrave, who blasted off to space six times as part of the space shuttle program, speaks to Mysterious Ways contributing editor Evan Miller about the out-of-this-world experiences that have impacted his faith and beliefs.

Guideposts: The Long Odds of Thanksgiving

The Long Odds of Thanksgiving

Don’t take Thanksgiving dinner for granted—give thanks for beating the long odds against it.

A woman is mysteriously led to fill an empty jug of water

Mysterious Ways: An Urgent Need for Water

Why was I so fixated on filling an empty milk jug?

September 11th memorial skyline: Mysterious Ways

An Anonymous Donation Is a Godsend on 9/11

To make a difference after 9/11, my volunteer center would need some help from above.

Guideposts: Spiral Scalar by Jason Padgett

A Miraculous Silver Lining

The victim of a violent attack comes to view the world in a new way, placing him on a path to creativity.

Guideposts: Can you spot Jason and Jessica in this photo of a preschool Halloween parade?

Superhero Sweethearts

When is a photo more than a photo? When it gives us a glimpse of the future. This photograph of a preschool Halloween parade captured the beginning of a love story...