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Lost Love: Found Album

A Couple’s Love, Lost and Recovered

The old photo album I’d found in a gutter mattered to someone. More than I could possibly know…

This Couple Was a “Dunn” Deal

This Couple Was a “Dunn” Deal

Jim was the man of her dreams. But how could she be sure their marriage would be built to last?

Message delivered by fire

A Message Delivered by Fire

Only my son’s own words could comfort me after his death.

Guideposts: Sculptor Catherine Partain Shamblin finds healing in creating crosses from discarded materials

The Healing Power of Art

After a contentious divorce, Catherine Partain Shamblin found herself feeling alone and without direction. A mysterious voice told her to make a cross with whatever materials she could find, and now, her beautifully crafted crosses serve as healing agents for Catherine and the people who purchase them.

Guideposts: Dr. Christopher Kerr

Dr. Christopher Kerr on Comforting End-of-Life Dreams

Listen as the chief medical officer at Buffalo, New York's Center for Hospice and Palliative Care, who is interviewed in the April-May 2016 edition of Mysterious Ways magazine, shares what he's learned about the dreams and visions experienced by patients who are nearing the end of their lives.

Guideposts: A dreaming woman floats in the air

Our Dream Chat with Dr. Judith Orloff

We invited Mysterious Ways readers to share their dreams on Facebook with Dr. Judith Orloff, who then offered her analysis of the dreams. Here's the transcript of that chat.

Guideposts: Journalist Edith Rosenbaum Russell

Survivors of the Titanic: Edith Rosenbaum Russell and Her Mechanical Pig

When fashion journalist Edith Rosenbaum Russell boarded the RMS Titanic on April 10, 1912, she didn’t know that a pig would end up saving her life.

Easter miracle

A Miracle Cooked Up for Easter

My brother was born a chef. I was born to take out. Could I make our family feast without him?

How a dream saved a baby

This Nurse’s Nightmare Saved a Life

The dream didn’t make any sense, until I got to work that night…