Mysterious Ways

An accidental miracle

Mysterious Ways: An Accidental Miracle

A fender bender changed the plan for our family’s future… for the better.

Woman Recieves a Message from God in Her Journal

A Message Typed by a Hidden Hand

Just when I needed it the most, some hopeful words came to me…

Guideposts: Abraham Foxman (left) and Leo Goldman, reunited after 65 years

Holocaust Remembrance Day: An Unlikely Reunion

On International Holocaust Remembrance Day, we share a story of two men who were reunited decades after they first met, as a child and a soldier, during a Simchat Torah celebration just after the end of World War II.

Mysterious Ways: An Accident Prevented by a Prayer

Mysterious Ways: Right Before the Crash

When I knew I couldn’t stop, I made a desperate cry for help.

Guideposts: Rose Burns on her inspiring rafting adventure

Words of Wisdom from Mother to Son

In his story for the February-March 2016 issue of Mysterious Ways, Michael Burns writes of discovering, shortly after her passing, an inspiring essay his late mother had written. Here is that essay in its entirety.

Selma's David Oyelowo's Mysterious Ways story

Mysterious Ways: Born to Be King

Discover the amazing story that led to actor David Oyelowo's starring role as Martin Luther King, Jr.

Guideposts: Thomas Alva Edison, Maya Angelou and Steve Jobs

The Most Inspiring Stories of 2015

Enjoy the best and most inspiring stories from 2015. You'll find funny stories about parenthood from author Jen Hatmaker, fascinating celebrity profiles, quick prayers to say on the go, and much more. 

Guideposts: A beach scene with 2016 written in the sand.

A Resolution: Finding Meaning in Suffering

Working at Mysterious Ways, Assistant Editor Dan Hoffman finds inspiration for a New Year’s Resolution.

birthday message from beyond

Birthday Message from Beyond

My marriage was failing, my birthday was a disaster. If only Mom were here…

Guideposts: Shelly Cawley and daughter Rylan

The Healing Touch of a Newborn Daughter

As he shared in his story in the Feb-March 2016 issue of Mysterious Ways, Jeremy Cawley had almost lost hope when his wife, Shelly, fell into a coma during labor. Listen as Jeremy recounts how Shelly was called back to life by an encounter with the couple’s newborn daughter, Rylan.