Mysterious Ways

A mistake leads this man to just the right house

Mysterious Ways: The Right Wrong House

One mistake led me exactly where I needed to be…

Man anxiously waits in a doctor's waiting is reassured by God's comfort.

Mysterious Ways: Waiting Room Wisdom

Were my wife and I prepared to raise a child with autism?

rainbow over mountains

How Can You Spot a Sign from God?

Diana Aydin wonders what really makes something a message from above.

a woman in new york city with an umbrella prepared for a rainstorm

Be Prepared for a Rainstorm

Diana Aydin experiences a small wonder and is reminded that God is always protecting us.

Guideposts: Peter Panagore, the Man Who Visited Heaven

The Man Who Visited Heaven Speaks

Peter Panagore was a college student ice climbing on his spring break when mistakes on the mountain caused him to die from hypothermia. He shares the aftermath of his near-death experience.

Sheet music for My Redeemer, the  author's mother's favorite song

Mysterious Ways: Name That Tune

I promised Mom a copy of her favorite song. One problem…who sang it?

a kitten is a gift

Mustang Sally: The Kitten That Healed Their Hearts

After their cat died too soon, it took 7 years to be ready to receive their new unexpected gift.

A mysterious hand appears against the green-gray of a mirror.

A Haunting Handprint From Heaven

My husband, Max, didn’t believe in the afterlife. But he proved to me it existed. 

a man looks up to heaven with arms outstretched asking why God

Why, God, Why?!

When looking to God for answers, Diana Aydin wonders if some of her biggest obstacles are really miracles in disguise.

beach Jersey Shore

When Sharks Attack the Jersey Shore

Worried about shark attacks? A more powerful presence stands guard on the beach.