Mysterious Ways

True stories of unexpected and wondrous experiences that reveal a hidden hand at work in our lives.
A police car with lights ablaze
God's Grace

Shielded from Above

For Davage, there was no escape–just the gun, aimed right between his eyes.

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The Aydin Cross
God's Grace

Miraculously Reunited with the Aydin Cross

A beloved treasure is returned to her family after a separation of many years–and miles.

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An artist's rendering of a needle with thread swirling like a tornado

The Case of the Miraculous Flying Quilt

The quilt was discovered in the debris left by a tornado. But where did it come from?

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A dollar bill with the name Esther written on it.

Love Note

He thought it odd that he'd found a dollar bill with her name on it. But little did he know...

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Dave Hess sits in a pew at his church.

Shielded by the Lord

He was deathly ill, but a parishioner from his church gave him hope with a special verse.

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author Thomas Moore
Positive Living

In Search of an Inner Voice

Best-selling author Thomas Moore offers tips for connecting with our inner voices.

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Bert holds one of the newborn triplets in the hospital.

Holding on to Love–and Life

Her triplets were born three months early, and one was at great risk. Could she be saved?

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A small adobe chapel
Life Advice

Mysterious Ways: Mother Knew Best

He didn’t want to upset his mother, but he had to tell her that she'd fallen for a scam.

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A butterfly flutters near Quito, Ecuador.
Adult Children

Learning to Trust an Unseen Guide

Worried that his son lacked direction, an old friend gave him a new way of looking at life.

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Christmas tree
God's Grace

Guiding Light

We were lost in a blizzard till the lights of Christmas pointed us home.

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