Mysterious Ways

True stories of unexpected and wondrous experiences that reveal a hidden hand at work in our lives.
Small black purse
Managing Life Changes

The Little Black Purse

I longed to have some small item of Aunt Karen’s to remember her by...

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Woman pushing a shopping cart.
Addiction and Recovery

An Encounter in the Checkout Line

This woman was the last person she wanted to see at a time like this.

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tomatoes in a heart-shaped bowl
God's Grace

Mysterious Ways: The Bag of Tomatoes

This fruit always reminded me of Dad, but I didn't want any after he passed away.

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A pair of people traveling home for Thanksgiving experience a miracle.
God's Grace

Almost Home for the Holidays

Our car broke down when we were almost home. Who would repair it on Thanksgiving?

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A pair of workgloves, one of which is signing I love you miracle mysterious
God's Grace

Mysterious Ways: The Glove of Love

Growing up, the sign-language symbol for "I love you" was always how we said goodbye. Now it means more, proof of God's love.

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