New Year's

New Year's is a chance to reflect on the year as it draws to a close and celebrate the opportunities and fresh starts that await in the year ahead.
Young woman helping elderly woman with groceries
Positive Living

5 Ways to Bring Kindness into the New Year

The holidays may be over, but it’s never too late to spread some cheer.

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Positive affirmations
Positive Living

How to Start a Positive Affirmation Practice

The way we speak to ourselves sets the tone for how we show up in the world. Here’s how to make kindness the top priority.

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Computer glitch
Positive Living

How a Tech Glitch Paved the Way for a Fresh Start

After accidentally deleting a long list of treasured links, something better took its place.

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Thinking hard
Emotional and Mental Health

Why Doing Things the Hard Way Can Help Power Your Brain

Build “fluid intelligence” to stay more focused and productive.

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Edward and Gracie
Life Advice

A Broken Oven, No Electricity and a Spiritual ‘Aha!’ Moment

If there ever was an opportunity to let go and let God, this was it.

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Archbishop Desmond Tutu
Stories of Faith

How Archbishop Desmond Tutu Showed Us the Power of Imagination

Like this spiritual leader, our faith and vision for a better world can guide us in the new year.

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Navigating change in the new year
Positive Living

For a Positive New Year, Re-Frame What ‘Change’ Means

Some changes we make, some are made for us. Find your place in the present moment for a fresh start this year.

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Happy New Years resolutions passion cooking dancing
Positive Living

Follow Your Passions in the New Year

Forget New Years’ resolutions in 2022. Instead focus on what brings you joy and purpose.

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Gracie makes New Year's resolutions

A Dog’s Resolutions for the New Year (Good for Humans Too)

Avoiding porcupines and showing lots of love make the list.

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