New Year's

New Year's is a chance to reflect on the year as it draws to a close and celebrate the opportunities and fresh starts that await in the year ahead.
A basket of Christmas cards. Photo courtesy Shawnelle Eliasen.

Praying in the New Year

A family stretches the spirit of Christmas onward in a God-centered practice.

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The Iron Horse. Photo by Judy Royal Glenn.
Positive Living

Looking Forward to 2015

I don’t worry about the future because I trust the Lord will work out all the details.

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The light of Christmas. Photo by Shawnelle Eliasen.

Continued Light of Christmas

Its light changes everything. May it shine brightly into the New Year.

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Enter the New Year with optimism. Photo Aysezgicmeli, Shutterstock.
Inspirational Prayers

Looking Forward with Optimism

Pray and plan for success. Your attitude will give you power. 

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How about setting spiritual goals this year? Photo B-C-Designs, Thinkstock.
Seasonal Prayers

Forget the Resolutions

But how about setting some goals for your spiritual life in the New Year?

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Welcome to 2015. Photo by Optical_Lens, Thinkstock.
Positive Thinking

It’s Gonna Be a Good Year!

You don’t need luck–you’ve got Jesus. And, you have His promises.

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drawing of 2014 being fed into a shredder
Seasonal Devotions

Shred Last Year's Resentments

Let go of last year and embrace the blessings to come.

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Michelle, center, with some of her writing friends.

Keeping Your Friends for the New Year

A friendship coach offers 5 tips on finding time to be with your best buddies this year.

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Resolutions for military families. Photo Magdalena Piecewicz, Thinkstock.
Military Outreach Stories

New Year’s Resolutions for Military Families

Ways to bring a healthy body, heart and soul into the New Year.

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Mysterious Ways: Portrait of Love
God's Grace

Portrait of Love

Would I always be alone on New Year’s Eve?

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