How Fairy Gardens Brought a Community Together

You’ll never guess how one California woman got to know her neighbors.

Learn how you can create your own fairy garden!

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The Big Question: What Is Free Will?

Sometimes, it seems like life is a series of choices, one decision leading to the next. But if everything in the world happens according to God’s will, then what does that mean for these choices? Are our choices our own, or is every action we make orchestrated by God? If the latter is true, then what really is free will? We turned to the wise words of philosophers, prominent thinkers, and theologians for some possible answers to this Big Question.

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12 Refreshing Spring Devotions to Uplift Your Spirit

Spring is known for rejuvenation and rebirth causing plants and animals alike to "spring forward." We hope these devotions bring hope and cultivate spiritual growth for you and your loved ones so that you can flourish in this season of renewal.

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31 Classic Movies to Watch in April on TCM

This month, Turner Classic Movies is holding its annual 31 Days of Oscar festival, but this year, there's a twist: TCM is featuring more than 350 films that were Oscar-nominated, as they usually do, but they're airing them in alphabetical order, A to Z.

We've decided to offer our own take on 31 Days of Oscar: We've picked one TCM offering for each day in April (plus the 1st of May), so here are 31 movies we think you'll enjoy that are airing on Turner Classic Movies (TCM) in April 2021.

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The Big Question: Is It Wrong to Be Angry with God?

When things go wrong in life, it’s easy to feel lost, afraid, or even angry. This is especially so after an accident or tragedy. Oftentimes, those feelings of helplessness have nowhere to go, and can leave us feeling angry at God. Because if God is all knowing, all powerful, couldn’t he have stopped something bad from happening? That’s why we decided to explore the question: Is it wrong to be angry with God? We turned to the wisdom of the following pastors, authors and theologians for answers.

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The Good Friday Day of Prayer Win the Day Giveaway Rules

The Good Friday Day of Prayer Win the Day Giveaway is intended for participation only in the United States and shall be construed according to, and governed exclusively by, United States law. 

Do not participate in the sweepstakes if you are not a legal resident of the United States physically located in the United States at the time of entry or do not fall within the eligibility requirements set forth in the Official Rules below.


22 Classic Movies to Watch in March on TCM

While we're still being asked to isolate at home for our own sake and the safety of others, a classic motion picture is the perfect way to spend a late winter or early spring evening. From thrillers and mysteries to popular, award-winning musicals, here are 22 movies we think you'll enjoy that are airing on Turner Classic Movies in March 2021.

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10 Unexpected Angels Found in the Midst of Nature

Nature has provided comfort and reassurance in the form of heaven-sent angels. Here are ten of our favorite submissions. Inspired? You can submit your story at [email protected].

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7 Inspiring Sky Angels of Hope

We hope these photos of angels from above comfort you and give you hope.

Shop for life-changing evidence of angels with the Angels And Wonders & Where Miracles Happen books!

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