Norman Vincent Peale

Recovering from shoulder surgery, Guideposts blogger Katie Allen Berlandi decides to take a break from worry, and focus on action and faith.

Turning Worry into Faith and Action

Worry won't get you far. But taking action in faith will.

Guideposts: 26 Days of Advent with Dr. Norman Vincent Peale

 In his nearly half a century as the inspiration and driving force behind Guideposts, our founder, Dr. Norman Vincent Peale, shared many heartwarming Christmas stories with our readers. We invite you to spend Advent with us as we revisit, one per day, 26 of those inspiring holiday stories. 

Dr. Norman Vincent Peale shares how you can pray God's promises when you feel fearful, alone, or simply want a more joyful life.

How to Pray God's Promises

Dr. Norman Vincent Peale on how to pray God's promises when you feel fearful, alone, or simply want a more joyful life.

Uplifting quotes from the founder of positive thinking, Norman Vincent Peale

Inspiring Quotes from the Father of Positive Thinking

Celebrate National Positive Thinking Day with these 8 uplifting tips from Dr. Norman Vincent Peale, the founder of Positive Thinking

Guideposts: Pop star Taylor Swift

Is Taylor Swift the Next Norman Vincent Peale?

The positive thinking pop-star is inspiring a generation, just like the famous Guideposts founder.

Worrying won't solve problems.

Problem Solving Instead of Worrying

Worrying will have you going in circles, cautioned Dr. Norman Vincent Peale. But thinking will get you somewhere.

Scripture to Overcome Fear. Credit: Shutterstock

Scripture and Tips to Overcome Fear

Four action steps to help you release your fears and fill your heart with Christ’s love.

Sunrise. Begin each day with a positive attitude through faith.

Think Positively

With our faith, one thing we can control in life is how we respond to situations and people.

Pray for God's Blessings

A Prayer for God’s Blessings

Two Bible verses to help you live an abundant and glorious life.

Leaving A Legacy: Remembering A Member of the Peale Family

The Legacy of a Peale Family Friend

An inspiring life that filled others with courage, faith, focus and goodness