Norman Vincent Peale

Norman Vincent Peale, author, minister, and founder of Guideposts, was a champion of the power of positive thinking, and he continues to inspire new generations with his legacy of inspiration and optimism.

An artist's rendering of a dog and cat with empty food bowls.

Pass It On: Free Kibble!

She found a way to help care for dogs and cats in shelters, one bit of kibble at a time.

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Palm trees covered with snow
God's Grace

Heaven's Music: White Christmas

With her father gone, she longed for a white Christmas—but in Southern California?

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A semi truck barrels down the highway.
Power of Prayer

What Prayer Can Do: Early Warning

It soon became clear why she experienced a sudden impulse to pray for protection.

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Jan Dunlap with Gracie

Saved by Gracie

She didn’t need anything else to worry about. Especially a dog—or so she thought.

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Bobby Henline in Iraq, before he was injured.
How We Help

Meet the Situation and Mind Changers

Making a difference in the lives they touch

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Man with arms outstretch at sundown.
Bible Resources

How Abundant Is Your Life?

Scriptures and faith tips from Norman Vincent Peale to help you live a prosperous life.

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DeVon Franklin poses with the landmark Hollywood sign behind him.
Movies and TV

DeVon Franklin on Greenlighting Faith

This movie producer achieved success not on his own terms, but on God's.

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Josh Sundquist
Managing Life Changes

Advice to My Younger Self

He had tried to be upbeat about his disability. Then one day nothing seemed funny.

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Joel Osteen
Positive Thinking

"See It and Believe It"

One of America’s best-loved pastors shares advice on how to make dreams come true.

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Brad Wilcox in 1978
God's Grace

Message of Love

Their secret code went back to the days when he was a little boy. Now it was all they had.

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