Norman Vincent Peale

Norman Vincent Peale, author, minister, and founder of Guideposts, was a champion of the power of positive thinking, and he continues to inspire new generations with his legacy of inspiration and optimism.

Positive Outreach blogger Katie Allen Berlandi
Positive Thinking

Navigating Life's Changes

Count on two things in life: God and change. The former will help you with the latter.

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Lara Spencer

Treasure-Hunting Tips: Navigating Flea Markets, Yard Sales and Thrift Stores

GMA cohost Lara Spencer shares some inside secrets for scoring great flea-market finds.

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An angel is delighted by opening a small treasure chest that holds a waterfall.

Hidden Blessings

Life can be like a treasure hunt, but you have to be willing to start looking.

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Becca Hart and her greyhound, Mike
Service Animals

My Guardian Greyhound

A girl finds her guardian angel dog in this excerpt from Best Angel Stories 2016.

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gorgeous photo of lotus flowers blooming
Positive Living

Let Nature Inspire You

Nature can teach us many lessons, but one of the most important is this...

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Dolly Parton
Finding Life Purpose

Dolly Parton's Dreams

Prayers, dreams and a big heart have all played a role in the legendary performer's success!

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Peggy Frezon
Power of Prayer

What Prayer Can Do: Nurse's Aid

None of the nurses could find one of her veins to draw blood–until one asked for help.

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Dr. Maya Angelou. Photo credit: Wake Forest University
Comfort Kits

Giving Others Hope and Encouragement

I could not help but think of Guideposts Outreach Ministries as Dr. Maya Angelou spoke, sang and read about the gift of hope.

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Dr. Norman Vincent Peale
Emotional and Mental Health

Scripture to Tame Your Temper

Norman Vincent Peale shares wisdom to skillfully master your anger.

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close-up of a stone heart
Pray Effectively

Let God Melt Your Heart of Stone

Three prayers to help you open your heart to God's love.

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