Norman Vincent Peale

Norman Vincent Peale, author, minister, and founder of Guideposts, was a champion of the power of positive thinking, and he continues to inspire new generations with his legacy of inspiration and optimism.
Carrie Ann Inaba with her pals Buddy and Lola
Power of Prayer

Carrie Ann Inaba: The Power of a Prayer

Carrie Ann Inaba shares where she finds the strength to battle injuries and ailments.

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Positive Thinking

The Faith, Hard Work and Hope of Austin Hatch

A young man survives two devastating plane crashes, loses his family and shuns self-pity.


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Molly Pennington with her son, Dash

Relationship Issues?

Her teenage son had already had three breakups. Was he repeating her mistakes?

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A woman treading water in the ocean gazes at a distant lighthouse.
God's Grace

Survival Mode

She’d been in the water for seven hours. The lighthouse was her only hope. Almost.

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happy woman, jumping for joy - Shutterstock
Bible Resources

The Blueprint for Happiness

Rise to the challenge! Live your best life!

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Sherry holds up one of the brightly colored notes from her smile jar.
Managing Life Changes

The Smile Jar

She was having a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad year...but the year wasn't yet over.

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Pastor and author Max Lucado
How to Pray

Prayer, Simplified

Prayer shouldn’t be that hard, but sometimes we make it so, says pastor Max Lucado.

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man with arms outstretched as the sun rises
Prayer Stories

5 Tips for a Better Prayer Life

Dr. Norman Vincent Peale shares faith-filled steps to revolutionize your life.

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Dana assists Michael in navigating their home.
Caregiver Burnout

More Than Love Alone

She thought could care for her husband alone, but she finally realized she needed help.

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