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  • Original New Series with the perfect blend of mystery, history and faith
  • Intrigue, humor, history & faith keep the pages turning
  • Friendships are as solid as the mountains
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“I find it almost impossible to put down any of the books in the Mysteries of silver Peak series.” – Christine P.

Product Description

Leave your cares behind and head to the high country of Silver Peak, Colorado, for some super-sleuthing fun that will bring the history of the town to life.  Follow the adventures of antique shop owner Sadie Speers as she digs into history to solve mysteries left behind in the items she sells.

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A Mountain of Mystery

Sadie Speers told herself not to panic.

Her wedding ring had gone missing.  For the past hour, Sadie had looked around the nooks and crannies of the antique Mine, her antique store in the historic mining town of silver Peak.  She’d taken her ring off to protect it from the paint thinner she’d planned to use to strip the peeling paint off of an old wooden rocking horse she’d been asked to restore.

Now that the job was done, she couldn’t find her ring.  Sadie examined every inch of her long mahogany desk that doubled as the store’s front counter, looking under the cluttered surface for some sign of her ring.   She was certain she’d set it there before starting her project.  The man who had given her that wedding ring, her late husband, T.R., had also made this counter.  He’d refinished the elaborately scrolled mahogany front of the antique desk and varnished it to a high polish.  Then he’d added a dark granite top.  Silver veins ran though the granite, adding to its richness.

“Where is it?” Sadie said aloud looking high and low for the silver wedding band that had been on her finer for over four decades.  She could only assume that it must have rolled off the desk and was now lost somewhere in the store.

Sadie planted her hands on her hips and looked around the shop.  She loved the high pressed-tin ceiling and the way the sunlight streamed in through the plate-glass front window, but there were too many places where the ring could disappear.

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