Top Features

  • 40 inspiring stories told by Best-Selling and beloved author, Karen Kingsbury
  • Meet a mother whose choice to release control to God saves her son, after an accident with a moving truck leaves his life in unimaginable danger.
  • Find out what happens when two strangers come together under incredible circumstances, each offering exactly what the other needs.
  • See the reunion in the most unlikely of places between a mother and a child she gave up for adoption more than twenty years earlier.
  • Watch as a woman receives the greatest Christmas present—the treasure she thought was gone forever, lost on a long-ago fishing trip.

Product Description

One of America's favorite writers, Karen Kingsbury, shares with you 40 of her favorite true miracle stories in which people experience God's intervention and loving touch in their lives in her book, A Treasury of Miracles, True Stories of God's Presence Today. Each tale will fill you with lasting joy and wrap you in the assurance of knowing God is with you.

A Treasury of Miracles is a touching and entertaining collection of real-life, extraordinary events that can only be explained as being the handiwork of God. Each story will boost your faith as you are reminded that God has a plan and a purpose for your life. Feel comforted by evidence that God is with us and sees our every need. Be reassured by stories of God's provision and intervention and let these tales awaken your spirit to be on the lookout for God's touch in your life every day.

A Treasury of Miracles is a gift that will get opened again and again, each time delivering examples of God's love and grace to everyone who opens its cover.