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“Like all the dogs in my life, Millie seemed to be at my side the moments I needed her most…” – Edward Grinnan

Product Description

Discover the life lessons that Guideposts Editor-in-Chief Edward Grinnan learned from the dogs he’s loved in this poignant and inspiring memoir. Always By My side will take you on a wondrous journey with Millie, Edward’s golden retriever, whose incredible compassion, keen intelligence, and uncanny empathy teaches him what really matters in life. Their unique relationship changed his life, helped to guide his decisions, and gave him blessings that he never expected. Edward also reveals how at the hardest times in his life, just the right dog appeared to encourage and guide him.

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Chapter 1

I can’t imagine life without a dog to love.

The love between humans and dogs is not the same as the love between humans. We love our own differently, sometimes better and sometimes worse than we love our dogs. The bond between man and dog is unencumbered by much of the baggage we bring to a human relationship. Some might say it is purer. I’ll leave it as being something different.

Dogs love us in a fashion other humans can’t. They love us in a way we can’t necessarily love back. Their survival—from the time man and canine forged their unique and miraculous bond—has depended on them seeing deep inside of us, into our thoughts and emotions and desires. Into our very souls. I know my dogs have understood me better than most people do, better that I often do myself. Like an instrument of heaven sent to guide me. The physically blind use Seeing Eye dogs to navigate their lives. But there are those of us who have been blind spiritually and emotionally, and who have discovered that a dog can help lead us into the light, a dog who grasps our deepest needs, who assuages our most profound anxieties, who uncovers both our faults and our virtues, a dog who believes in us. In short, a dog that makes us a better human being.

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