Angels on Earth Magazine – True Stories of Angelic Encounters

Top Angels on Earth Magazine Features

  • 6 bimonthly issues (1 full year)
  • Explore the realm of angels with dozens of true, inspirational stories
  • Wondrous depictions of God’s mysterious messengers and their work in today’s world
  • Heartwarming accounts of angels’ divine help that defies logic
  • Inspiring acts of selflessness from friends, neighbors, and strangers
Angels on Earth Magazine – True Stories of Angelic Encounters


“I treasure every issue of your beautiful magazine, the stories are inspiring and the artwork alone makes angels special.”

“I believe there are angels protecting and guiding us.  I am so pleased with your publication showing how angels enter the lives of people. 
After reading these stories, I reflected upon my last year and know with certainty that angels have been present.”

Angels on Earth Magazine Description

Angels on Earth is a magazine from the editors of Guideposts filled with true inspirational stories of angels at work in today’s world.  Angels on Earth magazine will bring you stories of people who have come face to face with angels in moments of crisis, heard their messages and received their protection.  You’ll be moved, awed, and inspired by Angels on Earth, the magazine entirely devoted to stories about the loving spirits who guard and guide us.

Hope and Comfort from Angels…

Angels are all around us: on buses and playgrounds, in gardens and hospital rooms, on snowy roads and dark alleys, even in the animals that help and heal us. Within just one issue, you’ll see how often angels appear in our lives. Sometimes they’re our neighbors offering a selfless deed, Sometimes they’re heroic strangers. And sometimes they’re true angels indeed, lending divine help that challenges rational explanation. Enjoy page after page of dramatic proof that angels really do watch over us!