Many people believe that angels are God's messengers at work in the world today. Angels come in many forms, from helpful animals to mysterious strangers. Angels can come to us in dreams, on a breeze, or in a strain of music. When they appear, they always radiate life-affirming hope and comfort. Experience the wonder by subscribing to Angels On Earth Magazine today!


Angels on Earth Magazine

From the Editor

Angels are everywhere, and after 15 years as editor-in-chief of the world's only angel magazine, I should know. Every bimonthly issue of Angels on Earth is filled with thrilling true stories of heavenly angels and earthly ones who find themselves on a mission of comfort, kindness or reassurance. A whisper on the wind, a whiff of fragrance, a glint in the moonlight, a stray furry friend -- angels sometimes hide in the everyday. Be ready for surprises, in our showstopping stories in our award-winning illustrations. You'll be inspired to find the angels in your own life and think twice before you ever call any day ordinary again.

Colleen Hughes