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  • Discover the amazing ways our loved ones can reach out to us from heaven!
  • See the beauty of heaven through the eyes of a man having a near-death experience.
  • Feel how God’s love touches those in heaven – and allow His love to transform you!

“Imagine a world where time is no longer an enemy, where travel no longer feels bothersome, where sights and sounds, light and color, music and singing all come alive in a way that brings euphoric ecstasy to the residents of Heaven.  Let’s imagine the possibilities that new dimensions of time and space might bring on the other side.”—John Burke, Imagine Heaven, Page 124.

Product Description

This two-book set gives you a glimpse of God’s beautiful promise that’s waiting for you.

In your heart you already know the truth – the heaven described in scripture is REAL!  Now enjoy amazing stories of people who have visited heaven, and discover the powerful story of a man who was visited from heaven by his loving wife.

In Imagine Heaven, John Burke recounts some of the most dramatic and powerful near-death experiences and compares them directly to Scriptural accounts of heaven.  The result is a profoundly powerful experience that allows you to better understand God’s loving promise to you – and glimpse the glorious, beautiful home that awaits you.

As a pastor, Dr. Pete Deison has a strong faith and knows what Scripture says about heaven.  But he was filled with grief, sadness, and doubt when Harriet, his wife of 43 years, passed away suddenly.  Visits from Heaven is a beautiful love story that tells how Harriet reached out from heaven to reassure Pete that she was resting in peace in the care of the Heavenly Father.  In a series of incredible coincidences, answers to prayer, dozens of vivid dreams, and even notes and cards, Harriet helped Pete see the wonderful truth – and transformed his grief into joy.

Preview Excerpt

Heaven’s Compassion (from Visits from Heaven)

On the morning of January 21, 2013, three weeks after Harriet’s death I was awakened by the sounds of hymns playing.  I crawled out of bed, wondering if I had absentmindedly left the television on the night before.  But the screen in the den stared back at me, dark and mute.

The hymns, however, kept floating through the house like prayers.  I finally traced them to the dining room, and there I found the source: Harriet’s cell phone.  I stood there, stunned.  I had carried my wife’s phone around with me for three long weeks.  It had remained silent except for the times when I played her recorded message just to once again hear the melody of her sweet voice.

But on that cold January day, hymns were playing on her phone, and they warmed my heart.  After closer inspection, I realized the hymns were set as Harriet’s wake-up alarm tone.  I laughed, because it felt as if God had allowed Harriet to nudge me awake with joyful noise and then hug me.  She loved the old hymns and often hummed them as she arranged flowers.  I listened a few moments longer, and then I turned off the alarm feature.  I praised God for His tender mercy and began my day with a smile for the first time since her death.

The next morning it happened again.   I was awakened by the powerful lyrics and melody of the hymn “Be Thou My vision” emanating from Harriet’s cell phone.